The ice- cream sky

The charming blue sky sits

Like a tiny round bowl

Above the horizon, where it

Secretly dribbles into the line

Where the grassy expanse

Tentatively waits for

Pleasant interaction.

Sitting inside the bowl,

Draped with a delicate countenance,

Sits deftly woven balls of

Creamy white clouds.

They wait serenely with their thoughts,

Pressing against the swirling sky.

Sunlight is poured out of a bottle.

Rays of a delicious golden and amber syrup is

Drizzled over the sweet temptation of the sky.

Our eyes, like lips, taste the sight.

One elongated glance provides a

Dish to wholly consume.

The essence of the view is absolutely sensual

And it leaves my lips lusting for more from

The tiny blue bowl.