Baby, it's fact

Trying to make up for all that I lacked

When as a matter of fact, all I needed was you

But it looks like I'm surrounded by brick walls and glass,

And you just can't seem to get through

Waiting for reality to kick me in the ass,

But all I get is barely a shove

Still not in contact with you,

I know it's not enough

So just walk away from the wall,

It's a waste of time

Feeling tears only to find out they're not mine

Were you crying, my love?

Don't waste your breath

I'm your little outcast, away from the rest

Will you look my way with sympathy?


My only hope now is that you'll judge me fairly

Brick walls scratched up from where cruel intentions attacked

Would I give you my heart?

Baby, it's fact.

Originally written April 2, 2008.