Some say almost any life is worth living, they are utterly and completely mistaken.

Everyone has a life, but very few actually live it. No person can truly comprehend what living is, and many believe that no one really knows how to truly live.

Some just choose not to live, an unfortunate reality, but also a very true one. In life, some people turn to family to blind themselves from the sorrow of everyday life. Others turn to over exertion and work themselves so hard resulting so they cannot think of anything else but their work. But the most extensive way to cope and turn away the sorrow in life is death.

Obviously, that sounds like complete nonsense, but it's true.

For some reason, most people turn to things that will destroy their lives even more than they will choose to turn to things that will actually help their situation.

Which brings up the question: Do we really want a life to live?

Answer: Unknown.