At age two, I was unknowingly introduced to the boy that I would eventually be forced into a marriage with. Our parents were rich, longtime friends, and yearning for bigger estates. When Liam and I came along, they were presented with the perfect opportunity. It was decided that after college, the two of us would marry, thus joining our estates and increasing our families' monumental fortunes.

And did the two of us have a choice in the matter? Of course not. If we had, I'm sure Liam would have run off with the next girl to give him the time of day, or become one of the ever present drunk and drug-abusing celebrities. Our families thought I was good for him.

Soft spoken and level headed, I was the perfect petite, stay at home woman that wouldn't control him too much, but would also provide stabilization and a calm mindset to keep him from getting too out of control. And he would liven me up, help me get out more, introduce me to the lights of the paparazzi. Our families claimed that we were the absolute perfect couple, and with both of our good looks, we would create beautiful grandchildren.

To be honest, if given the option to leave the plan, I wouldn't have taken the out. I would have stayed, to be Liam's lonely and unhappy wife. This was my whole life, the job I'd been groomed for since toddlerhood. I'd spent every single afternoon with Liam for fifteen years and I was a homebody. I wasn't eager to go beyond my normal boundaries and explore the great world, steaming with people that lived in dirty apartments and cooked their own food.

I was content with the "plan," as I came to refer to it. The fact that Liam chased everything with a skirt didn't bother me, for I understood his personality and was rather like a sister to him. I waited patiently for his arrival home, and then proceeded to be strutted proudly on his arm as if we were actually in a relationship. Our parents were pleased that even before out marriage, we were already getting along so well.

I wasn't aware there was a world outside of my Liam.

Until I met Micah.

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