Disclaimer: Golden Crisp cereal, Sugar Bear, and Granny are all owned by Post.

It was a sunny, animated morning. The sky was blue and full of white clouds.


Sugar Bear tossed several bits of his favorite cereal into his mouth. He approached a brick house that had a gray roof and a black door. "Can't get enough of that Golden Crisp," he sang as he rang the doorbell.

"Sugar Bear!" Granny said to herself as she looked out the living room window and spotted her rival licking his lips. "He's after my Golden Crisp cereal again." She indicated the brown box that she pulled from behind her back. Followed by a cloud of smoke, she literally zipped out of her kitchen. Right after entering another room, she turned the dial of a tall, black safe and slammed the door behind her as she walked in.

Inside the safe, there were red walls and a matching floor. A single light bulb that hung from the ceiling illuminated the room. It was the size of a walk-in closet.

"But he won't get them this time." Hugging the cereal to her chest, she leaned against the wall and smiled with confidence.

Outside, Sugar Bear was beginning to climb a white ladder that he had just set up. He turned to address the fourth wall. "Granny may be safe now, but nothing comes between my tummy and the honey sweet crunch of Golden Crisp."

Suddenly, the silver teeth of a saw poked out from above Granny. Sawdust poured out from the ceiling as a large circle was cut. When the blade met the starting line, the circle fell with a thud and Sugar Bear stuck his head through the hole.

"I saw an opening and decided to drop in," the bear said before he did just that. A rope was tied around his torso. Upon grabbing the cereal, he sprung back up to the roof of the house, leaving Granny inside.

On the roof, there was a small, four-sided table that was covered with a white cloth. On top, there was a white bowl with a spoon on the left and a red and white carton of milk on its right.

Sitting down in a hidden seat, Sugar Bear poured his Golden Crisp into the bowl, followed by the milk. "Cereal and milk, what a combination." He dug the spoon into the cereal.

"It's part of a complete breakfast," Granny's muffled voice announced from below him.