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Chapter 1: Escape

I hate this city.

Lucas kept thinking this to himself as he scraped away at the shackles that held him to the floor. The guards had been drunk and hadn't conducted a thorough search of the prisoner. They hadn't found the dagger that Lucas had so cleverly hid up his sleeve. Lucas sighed angrily and stopped trying to set himself free. How could a simple knife break through metal?

His arms ached and his legs were numb. The shackles were attached securely to chains that were welded to the floor. He was kneeling on the cold, damp floor of his cell with his head hung and his sandy blonde hair creating a filthy curtain around his face. As he wiggled his wrists around, trying to loosen them from their tight bonds, he wondered why the gang hadn't come yet.

Lucas looked up and through the grating on the ceiling of his cell. He caught a glimpse of the moon. It was almost full. It cast a silvery glow to his lonely confinement. Had it always been there? If it had, Lucas had never noticed it before. He was always busy. At fifteen years, he had a family of four, five including himself, to keep alive; to look after.

His ears perked as he heard the distant whistle of the Eastern Cobblestones. He glanced at the four guards slumped by the door of his cell. They were deep asleep, dead drunk. Lucas raised his head and returned the whistle to his gang. A few moments passed before he heard the pitter- patter of feet on the roof. Four faces appeared at the grating, hardly visible in the night.

"There he is!" Keaton exclaimed. Lucas peered at the guards, hoping she hadn't woken them. They stirred but stayed asleep.

"Hush! Do you want to join Lucas down there?" Vulpine hissed, her voice barely audible to Lucas.

Keegan pushed the others away. Lucas watched, eagerly wanting to be free. Three faces diapered from the grating leaving only Keegan's bright blue eyes and pale face. Keegan was a runaway sorcerer's apprentice. It was a privilege to be an apprentice to someone, especially a sorcerer. But Keegan felt that caring for his sister, Keaton, was more important than learning magic. His knowledge of magic wasn't very wide at all, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

A container of water was handed to Keegan. He poured half of its contents on the grating. Lucas caught whatever water he could in his mouth. He was desperately thirsty. Keegan set the container aside and leaned over the grating. He muttered something and then blew gently on the wet bars. Lucas shivered but kept watching as the water on the grating froze.

"Get ready," Keegan whispered to Lucas.

Lucas clutched the dagger behind his back, tracing the engravings in the metal handle with his thumb. The grating was kicked in and narrowly missed Lucas's head. The frozen metal shattered as it hit the floor of the prison cell. The guards awoke as four nimble pairs of feet hit the floor. Three members of the gang held weapons (a small knife for Darren and Vulpine and a rock in each hand for Keaton).

The guards fumbled with the lock. It was obvious the rum was still in their heads. Keegan ran to Lucas and dumped the remaining water on the young prisoner's wrists. He blew on them and Lucas felt goose bumps rise up his arms. Keegan took the dagger from Lucas's hand and slammed the handle down on the shackles. The metal gave way.

It was immensely loud in the prison cell. Keaton shrieked as a guard picked her up. She slammed the rocks down on his helmeted head but it did little. Darren's nose was dripping wildly with blood as he thrust his knife around. Vulpine was trying to fend off two guards with only her puny knife and her viscous cursing.

Lucas stood, grabbing his dagger from Keegan. Keegan stood them stumbled, light-headed from the magic. Lucas threw his weapon. It lodged itself in a guard's arm. The guard took one look at the dagger in his arm and fainted, dropping Keaton. Vulpine jabbed with her knife and caught a guard on the side of his face. He bent down, clutching his wound. Vulpine delivered a kick to his head and he flopped to the ground, unconscious. One of the two remaining guards held up his hands, surrendering. The other one ran to the door. Lucas sprinted to where his dagger was still in its victim's arm and quickly threw it at the running guard. The weapon stuck itself in the guard's shoulder. The guard yelped and joined his fallen comrades. The last conscious guard fell to his knees, pleading with the children not to kill him. Keaton snuck up behind him, ripped off his helmet and brought her rocks down on to his head. The cell fell silent.

Four pairs of eyes looked to Lucas, their leader.

"Take what they have and let's leave," he said before removing his dagger from the guard's shoulder and wiping the blood off on his dirty trousers.