What is poetry?

I have no need of rhymes and verse.

What is poetry?

I contain emotion and inner light.

What is the definition?

I have no need of classification nor an identity

What is the definition?

I am the desire, hurt, the inner eye.

I am the carpe diem.

I am the nightmare and the dream.

I am the shattered glass or the bottle full.

What does Poetry mean?

I am a symbol, a hope, a care.

What does it mean?

More than stanzas, more than words.

What is poetry?

I am nothing, I am everything.

Poetry can never be caged or defined.

I am the supreme echo of mind and soul.

Don't try to define me - I am the sublime

I can be clear as glass

Too many definitions,

Not a single answers the question:

What is poetry?

My English Professor wanted us to write about what Poetry was so I decided to write a poem on poetry. Tell me what you guys think. ^^ Oh and this 'story' is just some random poems I wrote or had to write for school. Please enjoy! Thank you for reading.