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Ellen carefully ran a brush through her thick blonde hair. She bit her tounge hard as she hit a snag and had to yank it apart with her fingers. This wasn't a good start to the day. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend Damien at the park at 10 for a double date with two other friends who had just started going out. There was no way she was going if she couldn't look absolutely perfect. She didn't need Damien staring at Jennifer during the whole date. Especially because Jennifer's new boyfriend, Timothy, wasn't exactly hot. So she couldn't exactly pretend to stare at him for the entire date to get back at Damien. So she needed to look perfect so Damien wouldn't have any reason to look at Jennifer at all during the date. Although he probably would anyway, since he stared at like every girl who walked by, the bastard.

She had already picked out her sexiest outfit for the occasional. Or scratch that, her sexiest outfit that she'd dare wear out in public. Her LBD was still stowed in the back of her closet where her mother wouldn't accidentally find it. She'd found one before and grounded Ellen for weeks, calling her a whore. Not that that'd stopped Ellen's mother from having a new boyfriend practically every week since she'd split from her husband. She was hardly allowed to accuse anyone of being a whore. Ellen knew for a fact that her mother put out on the first date. She'd heard through the ceiling the sounds of her mother and some guy, usually at least ten years younger, getting it on upstairs. In her parents marriage bed, even.

Ellen sighed and tried to tackle another knot in her hair. She could hear her mother and her newest boyfriend, Steve, snoring together upstairs. They'd been up until 3 a.m. the night before. Ellen had heard them the entire time. It was hard to sleep with that kind of noise going on above you. Even listening to music hadn't really helped. The indie rock music that Damien had sent her didn't mask the screams or bangs, and it didn't exactly help her sleep, either.

Once she was satisfied that her hair was as shiny as it was ever going to be, Ellen put the brush down on her dresser, and combed her fingers through her hair to poof it out. Next, she traced the top of her eyelids carefully with black liquid eyeliner, and applied red lipstick carefully. Damien was really into those fake pin-up chicks, and she had started trying to immitate them. She was wearing a pretty sundress that she had bought from some boutique the week before. It had been way too expensive, but she had grabbed her mother's credit card before leaving to go shopping with her friend. She'd probably hear about it at the end of the month when her mom saw the bill, but it wasn't like her mom would actually do anything about it. You'd think she'd hide her credit card a little better by now.

The sundress was a pretty purplish color, and it accented Ellen's deep blue eyes. She looked like the typical adorable blonde girl, with a button nose and blue eyes, and cheeks that were always slightly pink. She was much shorter than her boyfriend Damien, who was the tall, dark type. No one would've dared call him serious, though. He was always playing jokes on people, and he looked mischevious even when he wasn't. Ellen loved his crooked smile, and so did all the other girls at school. But it didn't matter, he was Ellen's. Even though he kept flirting with other girls, Ellen knew that he would always come back to her.

She knew that Jennifer, despite her new boyfriend, would probably spend the date trying to secretly flirt with Damien. It would be funny to watch, at least. Damien was the school's playboy, so having him was like having a trophy. And Ellen was the same way. She was arguably the prettiest girl at Monroe High School, which had been named after President Monroe, but Ellen liked to pretend that it was named after Marilyn Monroe. People had compared Ellen to Marilyn Monroe before, but Ellen didn't see the resemblence. Marilyn Monroe was taller, definitely.

After she'd finished putting on makeup, Ellen grabbed her smallest purse and started shoving things into it. Her cell phone was a must, and her car keys. She wouldn't even have a car, but her dad had had two cars before he had left, and he'd only taken one of them. The other one had just become Ellen's car when she learned how to drive. It wasn't the best car, but it was sleek and white, and boys always seemed to be impressed by it. Ellen didn't know anything about cars other than how to drive them, so she didn't have a clue why. It was kind of an old car, and she was always afraid that it would just die someday when she was a long way from home. She didn't want to have to call her mother to come and get her.

Ellen slipped on a pair of shoes that made her several inches taller. Jennifer wasn't petit like she was, and she didn't want her to have any chance to look down on her, just because she happened to be taller. Ellen would be the one steering the course of the date. She already had it all planned out. They'd start out in the park, then walk casually over to a small café, where Ellen would order tea and salad while Jennifer would probably order something huge that made her look like a pig. Ellen was the best at appearing to be dainty and sweet. She never ate huge meals like a man, it was how she stayed thin and pretty.

As she left her room, she closed and locked the door behind her to keep her mother from snooping through her stuff when she was gone. Once she'd come back and found out that her mother had borrowed one of her dresses for a date with some ugly guy. That had been the night that she'd discovered Ellen's black dress and called her a whore. She then went on a date wearing one of Ellen's dresses that was obviously way too small, because it showed way more of her boobs than anyone ever needed to see, with the possible exception of her boyfriend. It must've worked, because that night Ellen had heard the regular noises from the room above hers.

She banished these thoughts from her head as she turned the key in the ignition of her car, and, carefully checking the street behind her so she wouldn't hit the neighbor's kid, pulled out of the driveway.

Meanwhile, Damien Reynolds was hurrying across the street toward the flower shop. He was running late for the double date, and he knew that Ellen would be mad if he didn't bring her something and Tim brought something for Jennifer. It would make him look bad if he showed up empty handed. He bought a small bundle of white carnations, which were Ellen's favorite.

Once he had bought the flowers and had them wrapped up in plastic wrap with little hearts all over it, he hurried back across the street in the direction of the park. He was in so much of a hurry that he didn't look before crossing. If he had, he would've seen the large white truck that was speeding down the road directly towards him. It hit him hard, and he flew up in the air before landing on the sidewalk several yards away, blood beginning to leak from the back of his head.