A Curse, It Seems

As a child,

I had only two friends

Both opposite of gender

Of me,

And then they moved

Within a year apart.

Our friendship

Grew distant

And contact was lost

In the days

Before internet.

It was the start

Of a curse

For me

Or so it seems.


Rest of elementary,

No friends were made,

Only acquaintances.

Then in middle school,

The starting of friendships

Were made

And those friendships

Were meant to last

Even if the curse,

It seems,

Had decided to stay

And separate me

Away from them

To other high schools.

We were reunited at college,

But then the curse struck again.


It struck my friend

Back home,

And I hope

It will never strike again

Like it did this time.

A curse, it seems,

Has struck my friendships

With others,

But now after striking so hard

Like a bowling ball hitting the pins,

I don't know

If I can take another strike.