July 7th, 2007

I'm so happy today. I still can't believe Katie agreed to marry me. Out of all of the men she could have chosen, she chose me. A simple, average guy struggling in a hard world, trying to make ends meet. An average Joe, really. There's nothing significantly special about me. I'm not stupid, but I'm also not a genius, nor am I beautiful or ugly, but somewhere in between. She doesn't even seem to care that I'm not getting very far in life, either. It's almost like I'm being tricked, like I'm going to wake up and realize that I was only dreaming, and that I am still alone in this world.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I am complete – like I was missing a part of myself through my entire life, until I found the other half of my being in Katie. No, it's as if Katie is the other half of me.

We are leaving on our honeymoon tomorrow. An entire week of cruising the Caribbean with my one true love, just the two of us. Well, of course our baby boy is coming too. I know that technically, Katie and I are not actually going on our honeymoon with our son tagging along, but since no one knows he was born into wedlock – a blemish on our bright future – and that Katie can't bear to leave him with anyone but herself, I had no choice but to spend more money on him. Not that I care the baby is coming with us.

July 8th, 2007

We boarded the ship today. As we were leaving the dock, people waving and shouting, Katie kissed me with her arms wrapped around my neck, confetti and streamers falling around us. Something right out of the movies. It was great.

Hours later, we went for a swim at the top deck. The sun was shining, but Katie even more so in her bathing suit. She insisted on bringing the baby along, even though he would not be able to swim.

When we had enough of the water, we strolled down to the local restaurant and had an enormous lobster feast, fresh caught from wherever the hell lobsters come from. Katie looked like she was pregnant again by the time she was done eating. We were all exhausted, and decided to retire to our suite for the night. Life can't get much better than this.

July 9th, 2007 – Somewhere at sea

The baby is starting to get on my nerves. During breakfast he threw his food at me, and then laughed. Katie laughed as well, good naturedly, and naturally I forced myself to laugh at myself too, dripping with baby food. It was humiliating to be watched by everyone in the dining room, staring at you as if you were some sort of retard.

This wasn't the first of the baby's interventions. Halfway through the comedy show we were attending, it started to cry, fully bawling out loud, distracting the whole audience trying to pay attention to the comedian up stage. The comedian herself couldn't help but glance at Katie trying to shush the baby, and tried to joke it off. Eventually, security teams were forced to escort us out of the room due to disturbing the scheduled flow, or some other bull like that. Katie shrugged it off, telling me it was part of family life.

If that wasn't enough, in our bedroom suites I tried to hint to Katie that I wanted to make love with her, and the damn infant got in the way again, Katie saying it wasn't appropriate in front if the kid. Like the baby would even realize what we were doing, or even care. Complete and utter bullshit.

July 10th, 2007

Something is wrong with this picture. Katie keeps looking at me strangely, as if I were the one being over-protective and selfish. She won't let her eyes off her baby, refusing to even let me touch him. What does she think I'm going to do? Beat it? She thinks I want to hurt it, just because it's been blocking me from her over the past few days? Well, yes, maybe she is right about that. I'm drifting from her, because of the baby.

July 11h, 2007

Oh my god. I can't believe this. People are screaming and people are fighting each other There Are No More Lifeboats we are sinking I can't believe this

I've got to save Katie. I have to protect her. I can't let her die here. The ship's hull has been blown open, and water is rising around our ankles. Oh God we have to get out of here. We are trapped in. Something is blocking the door to the outside. We are trapped and we can't get out we're going to drown here. The water is up to our hips. It's very cold. The baby won't shut up and Katie can't stop crying. My hands are bloody from banging the door but I'm getting so weak. I have to get out of here. I ha

July 12th, 2007

July 13th, 2007

July 14th, 2007

We survived. Katie, the baby and I all survived. From what I can tell no one else is here on this island with us but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that against all odds, my family is still together.

July 15th, 2007

The island is very small. I can walk around the entire perimeter in just about 45 paces. It's very hot but there is a single palm tree that blocks out most of the heat. Katie won't let me stay there very long though. She says the baby is the most vulnerable and it needs the shade the most, even though she and I are going to suffer from heat stroke soon, the condition we're in. I hate that little monster.

July 16th, 2007

I'm so hungry I should have brought something from the boat. The baby keeps bawling and I want to kick it all Katie can think about is protecting it. We have no food, no water, no comfort at all. I tried to catch a fish with my bare hands but it was too fast for me. Katie was staring at me the whole time so I yelled at her to shut her up.

July 17th, 2007

She keeps trying to breast feed It but she's too exhausted she sleeps all the time now I'm so hungry I can't sleep because it keeps crying crying crying. She is so tired now but I don't care anymore. She won't talk to me, still won't even though I saved all of them and brought them here. It won't get out of the shade I could kill it but that would make her mad. The fish are laughing at me, slipping between my fingers and they laugh.

July 18th, 2007

Oh god I'm starving shut up shut up

It looks so delicious but now she won't even let me look at it. I made it, so it's mine. Not hers. Mine mine It's my food she wants it for herself she tries to trick me by crying and holding the Meat to her chest, but I know she is only waiting for her chance to eat it when I'm not looking. Filthy whore. I'm going to eat it I am so hungry I want it I WANT IT

July 19th, 2007

I'm so full now. It tasted like chicken haha it was very tender and soft. I drank it up she tried to pull it away so I punched her. She is on the other side now, and she moves away every time I come near. She's just jealous that I got my food back. The Shade is mine now. She looks at me with fire eyes and I laugh because I made her like that. My fingers are dripping and I am licking them up. I saved its toes for last.

July 20th, 2007

July 21st 2007

Tasty tasty alone silence finally

July 22nd, 2007

July 23rd, 2007