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Darkness was cancerous; it enveloped practically every corner in the small confines of the space she was huddled in. She almost could see the tendrils of the sinister dark matter pulsing and eating up everything in front of her.

The only source of luminescence in the room was a single sliver of silver light pouring through the underneath of the door just a little away from her. Despite the mystifying source of the light she didn't feel safe. No where was safe at the moment, there was no where to hide, the light only endangered her further. She would become exposed in the darkness if the light shed upon every inch of the small enclosed, claustrophobic like space.

However Darkness was also neither the best option, both light and darkness held their disadvantages, both had their dangers. Either way the extremity of her situation only increased it would not lower as much as she willed it to do so. If she remained in the darkness, she was as vulnerable as she would be in the light; she didn't know for sure what lay in the depths of darkness.

A sound mingled into the air, twisting and weaving with the silence like some sort of a soft chime of a single tiny silver bell. The silence's volume increased minute after minute to the point where it became deafening, it transitioned into an unbearable, painful silence; that very sound of silence rang in her ears, causing a wave of pain to hit her body and the aftermaths of it seeped into her core only to repeat the same transitioning stages previously.

Her concentration had begun to fell; the painful chimes of silence pulsing animatedly were only becoming more and more unbearable.

Her gaze was trained in fear at the light seeping through the bottom of the oak door; any movement outside of the enclosed space would reflect through the light, would cut it off signaling the one she was visibly concealed from.

The catch of her breath in her throat burned as she heard a noise from outside of the confined area, her body froze in fear externally.

Inside she was not as still as her exterior was.

A sound accompanied the silence as it was the one thing she wished she could quiet while remaining alive, her heart was a betrayer. As only the betrayer could, it pulsed and thrummed, increased in pace as it raced furiously, thumping against her ribcage.

Fear sank into her bones, into her core; it manifested like cancerous tendrils, curling everywhere. They reached up towards her heart creating tiny prickles as she breathed. Fighting for control, ragged breaths passed her lips.

It's all over.

With each shaking breath her body shook as well, try as she might she could not quell the waves of panic, the waves of terror racking her body and manifesting in her like some poison, tainting her bloodstream as it drifted into every inch of her being.

Footsteps drifted through the crack under the door and fear shook her world upside down. The light underneath the door disappeared and then reappeared suddenly.

She knew what lay beyond that door surpassed the minimal strength she had. She had no fighting chance physically.

Her fingers raked over her ripped jean clad leg as it grew quiet again.

The squeak of metal instantly tore her eyes up to look upon the door handle which in fact was moving. She felt helpless and weak; her body was a slave to her own fear.

With abruptness the door swung open and there stood, bathed in moonlight were twin pools of slitted crimson eyes glowing at her with hunger, desire and malice.

With terrible grace the predator before her sauntered towards her. Hunger burning strongly in the blood colored depths.

One thought rang in her mind painfully.

This is the end.

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