I walked outside

The sun it shined

My glasses covering

My black eye

On my way

To another day

of highschool hell

and pure dismay

If you wonder where

The black eyes from

Its from the end

Of a gun

Yes a gun

A pistol whip

And my broken nose

Is from his clip

And the broken rib

Its no big deal

At least it wasn't

A steal heel

My wrist oh yah

That's broken too

It doesn't hurt

Ive had a few

How did this happen

You want to know

Because I'm gay

And gays are foe

I was walking home

From school that day

When a kid I knew

Yelled Charlies Gay

I smiled and laughed

And kept on walking

Didn't matter

He kept on mocking

I didn't stop

Hurried my pace

Then I felt

The rock hit my face

They were running

Right towards me

Yelling lets get him

I couldn't flee

They began to kick

They began to yell

Screaming Fag

Youll Burn in hell

57 Stiches

3 Broken Bones

Lots of blood loss

And they stole my phone

All and all

What a day

All of this

Because I'm Gay

Because I'm different

And was born this way

They went and beat me

And made me pay

Made me pay

For my so called sins

Made me bleed

Ripped my spirit and tore my skin

After this time

it happened again

4 or 5 times

And I lost my boyfriend

He couldn't take

The hospital visits

Each time we went

Our relationship diminished

He went in the closet

Denied that we dated

And left me alone

To be desecrated


We have had it with you


We hate what you do

You ruin lives

And you take them to

No ones wants

Or likes what you do

You can help

To send it away

Just don't judge

Those who are gay

Just leave us alone

We are just like you

Were living our life

Trying to make it through