The room is silent but her heart is pounding.

The water roars and it is astounding.

Rain falls down as she closes her eyes

Dreaming of secrets her heart keeps inside.

She has visions of love, love that can end all her pain

As the one she longs for kisses her lips in the rain.

He holds her tightly in his arms

Whispers words filled with charm

Saying all is forgiven, no need for these scars.

His words wake her smile, and he caresses her face

His fingers removing her sadness, every trace.

He kisses her again, and her heart is healed.

But she knows this is not real.

She opens her eyes, and she is alone

But the storm rolls on and her wishes are known.

She listens to the torrents pound upon the roof.

Thunder chasing lightning like it has something to prove.

He is not with her, the painful realization

Prompts her to take another mental vacation.

Because just after he had left from their fight

She knew she could not sleep until it was alright.

She hears the sound

Of the rain coming down

Stands and looks into the dark

And cannot secure her pain in her heart.

Her eyes drip like the sky

Tears fall from her liquid brown eyes

She lets herself wish, just one more time,

That he'd just come back and make it right.

The power is the sky

Is impossible to deny.

The beauty of the storm

Sharply contrasts her feelings forlorn.

She hears his car- no, it is only a thunder clap

And her heart sinks heavily and breaks with a snap.

Ripples reflect on the growing puddles

Remnants of a decision detrimental.

Her pain inside brings more tears to her eyes

All she can do with her shattered heart is cry.

But she doesn't know

That he still loves her so.

She'll fall asleep in his arms tonight

He's driving back to make sure she's alright.