Another entry I entered for my school's Velcro magazine for the choice theme. I think it's okay. The formatting was cooler but I can't do that on this kind of thing read it like normal, not in those separate columns.


The Song of a Lone Wolf

The Wolf runs through the dark forest,

As prey runs from its stalking predator.

The Wind blows about his grey fur,

-Which was matted and sticking up in every which way-

Like an abused dog.

It was the dead of night, no animals for a Wolf to hunt.

He runs, just to run, but from what?

The Lone Wolf has no pack,

Therefore, he has no enemies.

The Lone Wolf runs from himself.

He breaks out of the menacing trees.

They glared at him like a parent glares at a naughty child.

Breaking free of their glares the Wolf,

Sits on the cliff, and lets the full moon shine down on him.

Its light soaked him through,

The same way a river does when you jump in it.

His pack use to say that the Moon purified your soul.

The Moon wasn't doing anything for him tonight.

The Lone Wolf howls to the Moon because only the Moon will listen.

When he belonged to a pack,

His howl was always answered.

When he belonged to a pack, even the Wind answered him.

Blowing in a way that sounded like a howl.

Now that he had no pack,

No howl answered his.

No other howl entered his song, his sad, mournful song.

It tumbled into the valleys below,

And the mountains carried it throughout.

Every time the Lone Wolf howled, he was reminded of that day.

The day the Wolf departed from his pack,

Like when a single leaf falls off a tree,

And the Wind carries it far away.

The Alpha didn't want to cast him out,

But two alphas cannot exist in the same pack.

It's like a lion falling in love with a lamb,

It can't work.

The Alpha cast his own Beta out,

He cast the biggest wolf out without a struggle.

It was his choice to leave,

The alpha would have let him stay, if he wanted so,

For the alpha was his friend.

They wrestled and played together when they were cubs,

Snapping and growling as if they were enemies, but they weren't.

When they were a little older,

They competed for the same mate.

A beautiful Wolf she was,

Her strange blue eyes the color of the Sea.

It was a pity she chose the alpha.

He thought she would choose him,

Well, it didn't matter anymore, it was all over now.

Two alphas cannot exist together in the same pack,

And so the Lone Wolf howled.