-Praise for the Apple-

Because you're so eye catching,
bright and sparkling scarlet.
Because of that firm hazel stem,
together with that vivid green petal,
complimenting your vermillion tinged skin.

Because you were tempting me,
with the scent of your luscious flesh.
Because you hung there silently in the breeze,
just waiting for someone to come along.
Because you're so perfect,
like a smooth round globe.
Because you know what it's like to sit and rot,
when detached from your home.
Because you are no longer weighty,
but withering and hollow inside.
Because I wormed my way in,
and stole your existence for mine.
Because I follow my instincts.
Because you are so well known
all around the world.
Because you represent a cycle of life.
Because you were the largest fruit on the branch.