-Standing Strong-

You stand strong and steady,
like a lone cabin in the woods.
Sheltering others from dangers lurking outside,
embracing everyone in your warmth.
You may be worn out,
not so much the same as a couple years back,
but even without that fresh appearance,
you gently watch over those who are lost.
You endure so much,
for another's sake,
never sounding a word of complaint.
Yet the one who guides others,
when they're in trouble,
caught in a tangled web,
Is, Mom, the one and only you.

A/N: The subject for this poem was my mom, though I can say that what I wrote probably applies for several other moms out there. ^.^ I thank my parents for loving, and caring, and putting up with me for so long. XD Thanks for reading and please feel free to give any kind of feedback!