Green. Scarf. Friend. Sweet. Painting.

-Sweet Like a Painting-

Your scarf is like a leaf in the summer
brought along by a gentle breeze,
like a banana that is not yet ripe,
like an avocado with its distinct yet subtle flavour,
like a tranquil meadow during the spring season,
like seaweed floating in the bottomless aquamarine sea.
Like an emerald tree boa hanging around your neck,
like a sour lime, like sweet green peppers
cultivated in a vast field of crops,
like a frog dancing on a lily pad,
like the moss and lichen on a slippery rock
like the second Olympic ring
of the bottom row, like an organic coconut
growing in the tropics, like a delicate figurine
made of mysterious jade gemstone,
like the variety of colours you would use
in a painting of a beautiful verdant scene.

A/N: Scarves and green because my friend favours those two things.