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Collin succeeded in ignoring me Monday morning, and afternoon, actually, all the way up till last period. I was watching Mr. Richardson carefully gather our work, as usual, and on his way to his brief case, he picked up a blank copy from his desk.


Why had I never noticed that before, or rather, read into it more? He's never did that until recently. Why would he need to take an extra copy of our assignment? He could clearly read off the ones we were working off.

Everyone was walking out of class now. I stood up, my eyes still on Mr. Richardson, something was not right. I walked out of class, and waited by the door until Mr. Richardson came out. I carefully tagged along behind him, making sure he did not think I was following him. My reasoning behind his actions became more clear when I saw him go up to each teacher that passed him, and take a file from them. He did this, I noticed, with everyone of my teachers.

I knew what he was doing. He was collecting assignments for a student. I student that needed them starting a couple weeks ago (since that was when I'd noticed he started taking an extra copy). And the only student that I knew off that was missing was-

Oh shit.

I could feel my excitement rising, as well as my nerves. I was going to find out where he was. I started thinking of ways I could follow him to Chris, but I did not even know if he was going to him today. I could not just follow the man home. I took a deep breath and decided what I needed to do. I was not even sure why I felt like I needed to go to Chris, to talk to him, to find him, but I did. So I confidently, or as confidently as I could, walked up to Mr. Richardson as soon as I saw him heading for the exit, "Hey!"

He looked at me oddly, "David."

I smiled and pointed to the folders in his hands, "I just came to tell you that Chris asked me to take his work to him today," oh God, I hoped I was right about this, because if not, then I really looked crazy.

He eyed me curiously, and I almost began to think i'd made a huge mistake, "Really? Because he told me pretty clearly that he did not want anyone knowing about this."

So I was right, "Oh, yeah, but I spoke to him, and well...yeah," ok, well that was not super convincing.

It looked like Mr. Richardson believed me enough though, "Alright then; actually this is a lot better, now I wont be late to lunch."

He handed me the the folders, and I held them in my arms, there was still one problem, "Oh, also, I did not get to catch his new address, and I thought I might as well ask you...Did not feel like bothering him about it again."

He was about to question me, but he really looked excited about not having to make the errand, "here," he handed me a piece of paper out of his bag, "This is what Chris gave me to find the place, now if you'll excuse me," he pushed passed me.

"Thanks!" I called, and glanced at the paper, I knew where to go.

I'll update with the rest of this chapter soon. I also just want to take this opportunity to just answer some of your questions, and thank you all for your reviews and support.

Firstly, there are questions regarding the whole 'assault thing'. I am writing this story as if I were the people in them. Everything they do is a reflection to some extent to how id handle a situation. So, I know that most of you would file a report against a person, or involve police, or take it to the next level to sort it all out. I'm not that kind of person, and I like writing characters that are like me. So, of course, I am not saying that you should not stand up to what has happened to you, if you have been assaulted. You should as a matter of fact. But I'm not writing a socially or politically correct story here. My characters have faults, as I do. And one of those faults is not caring about yourself enough to go after the ones that hate you, or hurt you.

Of course, it will become more clear in later chapters, when you learn more about David. How he handled the situation will make sense, you'll understand why he acts the way he does.

But of course, I don't want people to read this and think they cant do anything about their situation.

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