A Shell Of What Could Have Been


You say you see but you are blind to the obvious.

You say you understand but it is far from your comprehension.

Why do you turn away from what is right in front of you?

You see it, yet you look past it.

You hear it, yet hear what you want to hear.

You feel it, yet ignore the feeling.

Are you not yourself? Are you truly just another selective human being?


No, you know what you ignore, and the simple fact that you ignore it.

You are scared.

Scared of the unknown.

Scared of what is lurking in the shadows.

What is living in uncharted territory.

What you have no knowledge of.

You're scared.

And that's fine.

Because you should be.

But you should not ignore what is right there.

For if you do, it will come back full-circle.

And you'll find yourself,

Regretting what you did in the beginning.

And begging for it to end.

Because if you venture into the known,

And be who everyone wants you to be.

And hear what everyone wants you to hear.

And act like everyone wants you to act.

Then you will live blind.

And you will regret.

For the simple fact, that you are now not yourself.

Only but a shell of what could have been.


© 2010 Bianca Ramos