A/N- Sooooo I kind of owe the creation of this poem to my friend (Random_Idiocity) for issuing me a writing challenge. The challenge was this: write a poem with every letter from the alphabet. Each letter (in order from A through Z) has the be the first letter of each sentence. Hopefully that explanation wasn't too confusing. :) If it was, just take a peek at my poem and I'm sure you'll be able pick up on what to do pretty quickly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Oh, and feel free to do this challenge yourself, if you'd like. Especially if you have a bad case of writers block. It definitely helped ME get over it! ^_^

Alphabetical chaos

Another day of pretending,
Being harsh and condescending.

Couldn't let them know the truth,
Dead inside from all you knew.

Even as you're falling down,
Forgetting everyone around.

Gathering thoughts and memories,
Heavy hearts and maladies.

Imprisoned in your web of hate,
Just waiting for it to abate.

Killing slowly with no remorse,
Loving their screams as throats go hoarse.

Musing over bloodied hands,
No one ever understands.

Obsessive in your self-infliction,
Perhaps bordering on addiction.

Quit this before it kills you,
Reality quickly becomes askew.

So caught up in what you lost-
Twisted desires you never fought.

Ugly in every single way
Vindictive, quickly led astray.

Watching as it all went dark,
Xenophobic from the start.

You radiate indifference-
Zombie-like in countenance.