Chapter 2

Lauren gets the french fries out of the freezer and out of french fry bag and still just smiles putting them on a baking sheet and sticks them in the oven to unfreeze and bake and Maggie comes into the kitchen.

''hey how you doing sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''fine why are you so happy?'' Maggie asks her

''because I have this amazing guy.'' Lauren tells her

''yea I know.'' Maggie says

''he just makes me so happy and in love.'' Lauren tells her

''awe so do you think that you're going to marry him someday?'' Maggie asks her

''oh I don't know we'll see maybe.'' Lauren tells her

''that would give you a step son and make you a step mother.'' Maggie tells her

''yea I know.'' Lauren says

''so if he asks you to marry him are you going to say yes?'' Maggie asks her

''yea maybe but probably I mean I want a family and he has a kid and I've always wanted to find that guy that has a kid and we can be a family.'' Lauren tells her

''are you ready to take care of a kid full time?'' Maggie asks her

''well I guess and it;s not really full time since I don't think Peter sees him that much I will just see him when he's here or Peter has him for the weekend.'' Lauren tells her

Peter comes in and kisses Lauren.

''mmm hey.'' Lauren says

''hey girls would you both like cheese on your burgers?'' Peter asks them getting the cheese out of the fridge

''yes please.'' Lauren says

''oh um yea sure.'' Maggie tells him

''okay.'' he says and goes back out

''do me a favor and set the table for me.'' Lauren tells her

''oh okay yea sure.'' Maggie says and gets the stuff out of the pauntry to set the table

Lauren checks on the fries in the oven and gets out the condements like ketchup and mustard and the pickles and puts them on the table.