I dumped you a year ago

And you're still on my mind

I here you got another girl

And she is quite a find

I here you are so happy

And you don't think of me

And really I never thought

This is how'd it be

I never thought I'd go to school

And you'd get into drugs

I never thought when I heard your name

All id do is shrug

I'm glad you are so happy

And that you did find her

Let's see if you can keep it

And thing don't reoccur

Like when you cheated on me

Not once, oh no, two times

Or how many times you were in jail

For all your stupid crimes

You smoke weed every day

Yes I know you do

Like that time on my birthday

And you thought I had no clue

You lied to me everyday

And you thought I'd never find out

But I did and every time

You would create such doubt

So yes I'm glad you're happy

But I know it won't stay

Because one day shell catch you

And you will have to pay

You're such an ass

And that's no joke

At every wound

You did poke

You hit on my cousin

And my best friend

You slept with her

But that wasn't the end

You fucked her

Then found someone knew

Turned around

And fucked her too

I heard this new girl

Doesn't have sex

I'm waiting to see

Which girls next

Some say I should call

And ruin it

But I don't need to

Karma you'll get

I don't need to

Help you out

You'll ruin it

Without a doubt

Why do you think?

That I'm not hurt

This girl is fucked

Because you're lower than dirt