These are the days that hurt the most

The days right before the end

Right before the end of summer

And the end of all the time we spend

The summer is our prime time

When I see you everyday

Come August however

It gets harder always

Because I go away

I go away to school

And you sit at home and pray

Pray that I don't find someone new

Someone to take your place

But you don't have a clue

No one can take your place

Your name is dug into my heart

So no one can erase

Please don't be sad

We will be okay

Cause there is not a chance in hell

I'll be letting you get away

So yes it may be lots of miles

And lots of days between us

But come May once again

I'll be getting on that bus

Coming home to my baby girl

The one, my one true love

Holding you every night

And thanking God above.