I know you think I'll leave you

When I go away to school

But what I need you to know

Is I am not a fool

You're the most important thing to me

We have been through everything

And through at all I've noticed

One very important thing

You're the one for me I know it

You're the love of my life

And one day baby girl

I want you to be my wife

And if you think I'm joking

I'm serious my dear

One day I want to walk you down

And say it loud and clear

That I do take you as my wife

And I love you through it all

And that no matter what happens

I'll never let you fall

So yes I'm going to college

And it's going to be hard

But you're the one I want for life

You're the one I give my heart

So watch it careful while I'm gone

I'm giving it to you

Break it if you really wish

But I'll die if you do

So baby please don't worry

You're the one for me

I won't find someone while I'm gone

This I promise thee