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It looked so delicious sitting on the table. The light brown ice and swirls of chocolate were so appealing. I sighed happily. I loved my iced mocha, or any coffee for that matter. It just gave me a jolt of energy.

I reached to grab it and took a sip. I shivered. It was so cold and good. And not many things are both, especially with me. I hated things lower than a 40 degree temperature.

I was at the Coffee Hut. It was a small, locally owned café in Chicago. The walls were a brilliant light brown with dark brown swirls. The floor was a dark brown tile. In the right hand corner there's the order counter, and to my left was the double doors. I was at a little table in the middle of it.

I glanced to my left and choked. It was the really annoying guy from Hot Topic. He was sitting in a booth in the far corner with a couple of girls. He was obviously bored by the way he zoned out when one of the girls were talking but he still flirted with them. He was huge player and had an ego the size of the Dodgers Stadium. I had only talked to him for ten minutes, and by the time it was over, I was pissed.

He propped up an elbow and laid his head on his hand. One of the girls was talking and waving her hands. She was in a micro mini red skirt with a matching tight red shirt and had her red hair in a ponytail. That girl was like a walking red carpet. Even her nails were red, and her lipstick was such a bright red it hurt to look.

The other girl had short yellow blonde hair and was wearing a light blue low cut top that was two sizes to small and some denim short shorts. She was sticking her chest out towards the general direction as the blonde guy.

I stared at him in astonishment. He turned around and met my gaze. It was like he could sense me. I glared at him and he glared back but then he smiled. There was something evil in that smile. I looked back to my phone, blushing.

"Aw, darling, I'm flattered!" a voice said in my ear.

I whirled around and saw amazingly soft pink lips. I looked up and it was him. I take back what I said about the lips. I didn't know his name but I knew he was the most annoying person ever.

"By what?" I hissed.

"By your stalkery! Right now you're twittering about me!" He grinned and sat down in the chair next to me.

"First, I don't have a twitter account. Second, I am NOT stalking you. I come here every day! If anything, you're stalking me!" I yelled.

"Sure sweetheart, whatever you say. So did you decide on the Gir panties or the Hello Kitty ones?" He said, leaning forward.

I blushed. I was just holding the hello kitty ones because they fell! And Gir from Invader Zim was the shit!

"None of your business, perv! God can't a girl have any privacy with you!" I hissed.

"Then I'll have to find out myself." He smirked.

"Wha-"I said before he interrupted me by putting his hands on my hips. He leaned all the way forward to the point were he was only inches from my face. He put his hands on the sides of my hips. His breath was hot on my face. I gulped and managed to say

"Get your hands off of me!" And slammed my leg into his crotch. He fell to the ground gasping.

I laughed and leaned down to him.

"What's your name? I didn't get it last time we met."

"J-jesse." He managed to croak out.

I felt sorry for him so I helped him up into the chair. When he got his breath back he turned to glare at me.

"That was totally uncalled for honey. I didn't do anything to deserve that. This whole thing is your fault." He growled, frowning.

"How is this somehow my fault?" I hissed, truly curious.

"You thought I was making a move on you! Why would anyone want to do that to you?"

"What did you say, you jackass!?" I hissed, getting super pissed off.

I had problems with my anger. It really had a mind of its own and got me lots of trouble. That comment had really hit a nerve. So you understand what I had to do next, right?

I grabbed my coffee and poured it over his head. Flicking my dark brown hair out of my eyes, I smiled. His mouth was open and he was frozen in his chair. His features etched shock. The dark brown mocha contrasted nicely with his golden blonde hair.

"My name's Samantha, by the way. Thanks for asking bitch!" I said, happily.

I practically skipped out the door and went to my second favorite place in Chicago: the mall. That isn't saying much because I'd only been in Chicago for a couple weeks. I had moved in to an apartment with my best friend forever, Becky, who, unlike me, is in her first year of collage. I had to start my last of a hell hole called high school.

Something came up in my hometown, so I moved in with her because she was my oldest and as mentioned before, my best friend. I loved the apartment and I even gave it a make over. Lately, we've been having problems covering the rent, so Becky got us a new roommate which I was supposed to meet in an hour or so. Becky didn't tell me much about her, but knowing Becky, the new roommate wouldn't be too bad.

An hour later, I arrived at my beloved apartment. I paid the cab and admired it. Our apartment was big enough for at least four people. The outside of it was beige, with white around the door, and windows. The inside was red with white squares all over. Becky was an awesome painter, so she did the squares, and I did the red. When you walk in, you are in the living room. We have an open kitchen and past that is a pretty short hall way. If you walk down the hallway, the first room is on your left. That is Becky's. Then, at the end of the hallway is a towel closet because a couple feet away are the bathrooms. After the bathroom is my room, which is next to the guest bedroom.

How we, on a waitress's salary, could afford it, was beyond me.

I went to my room to drop off the treasures I bought from Jcpenny. As I walked past the bathroom, the door opened. It hit me in the face so I gasped in pain and dropped like a rock.

"Fudge! Be careful." I yelled. I looked up and saw the most terrible sight. I screamed and covered my eyes. It was…..