I laugh even though I want to cry

I smiling but on the inside I'm dying

Hunger gnaws at my stomach

I feel sick

I feel fat

Haven't eaten in days

No point it'll just come back up

Looking in the mirror I see

A fat bitch

Looking in my eyes

You see a skinny girl

And I hate

Those pitiful looks

The hate filled stares

The empty eyes that see too much

That see inside of me

The lonely girl

The pitiful bitch

Begging to die

Walking through life in a corrupted haze

Filled with so much pain

I stop feeling

Begging for help

In harmful ways




For my way out

Food looks sickening

But I'm hungry

I'd rather die beautiful than be here

Then be dead to myself

And dying to you

I laugh

But I feel pain

I laugh

But on the inside

I'm crying

On the inside

On the inside

Life hurts too much

For me to continue

I'm laughing

But inside

I'm dead