To Love and to Cherish

Matheson stood in front of the church perfectly calm. The day had finally arrived and he was going to claim his bride. He wasn't the least bit nervous and he looked at Gary who was his best man, and smiled.

Matheson glanced around the church as he stood next to Reverend Williamson at the small crowd of friends and family. Since he and Val had insisted on a small wedding, his mother had gotten around them by throwing a huge reception, and he knew that there were over three hundred people awaiting their arrival.

He smiled as Val came in with Mavis by her side. He thought she looked beautiful in her long traditional white gown and veil. She came and stood beside him as they both stood in front of Rev. Williamson.

Val tried not to stare at Matheson as she walked in with her grandmother. He had on a black tux with a white tie and she thought that he was very handsome. He was finally going to be hers and she was going to be Mrs. Matheson Hendricks. She smiled as tried to concentrate on what Reverend Williamson was saying.

Emily sat next to Gregory and could hardly keep still. They were finally going to be a real family! She couldn't wait until the babies started coming. She hoped that Val and Matheson would have more than just one. A boy and a girl would be nice. She hoped that Matheson had read the pleasure book. She wanted her son to have a fantastic honeymoon and she wanted both of them to have multiple orgasms. She felt tears in her eyes as she stared at them. She looked at Gregory and squeezed his leg, smiling.

Gregory looked at his wife who was shifting nervously in her seat. He knew that she was excited about this wedding. Their only son was getting married and Gregory had to admit that he was happy. He knew that Matheson and Val loved each other and that was the most important thing. It was funny how things can grow on you. He had been against this interracial union at first, but he couldn't argue with the love he saw between them. He just wanted his boy to be happy.

Hannah squeezed Emilio's hand. Her nephew was getting married to the love of his life! She was so happy for him. So proud of the integrity he had shown in the midst of adversity. She was so glad that they were closer now than they had ever been and that she was a part of his life. She and Emily had made a truce of sorts for Matheson's sake. She tried not to look too smug when Emily confessed to her that one of the things that irritated her was that Matheson looked a lot like her when she smiled, which was why she had always tried to provoke her. Secretly Hannah was pleased with Emily's confession.

Billy stared at the couple wondering how long the marital bliss would last. He didn't wish to be cynical, but most marriages didn't last very long these days. Still if Matheson was anything like his mother, he would do everything possible to make the marriage work. He didn't doubt that one bit. He glanced over at his sister in law and saw that she was on the edge of her seat watching her son and his new bride. He smirked remembering how she had called Felicia and instructed her to give him a blow job. He had to admit that it was very erotic and even returning the favor hadn't been all that bad. Felecia had cooked him dinner every night that week, after she told him that his oral performance had given her the best orgasm she had in years. He wished he had talked to Emily years ago!

Mavis stood next to Val and then stepped back and nodded to Langston who walked over to the pianist that was playing music softly.

He stood next to the piano and began singing the Lord's Prayer. Val was surprised as she didn't know that Langston could sing and she realized that her Grandmother must have put him up to it. He had a nice tenor voice and she tried not to cry as she listened to the words.

"Our Father…

"Which art in heaven…

"Hallowed be….thy name….

"Thy kingdom come….

"Thy will be done…

"On earth…as it is…in heaven…

"Give us this day…

"Our daily bread…

"And forgive us our debts…

"As we forgive our debtors….

"And lead us not into temptation…

"But deliver us from evil…

"For thine is the kingdom…

"And the power….

"And the glory….



Val felt the tears threatened to fall as she listened to Langston sing. She looked at Matheson who was smiling at her. Gary, Matheson's friend and co worker stood by his side as his best man. Everything was perfect.

Langston finished the song and looked at the bride and groom and immediately thought about his father and Lilly. Such unions had been illegal during their time and he couldn't help but wonder what his life would have been like if his father had been able to be with the woman he loved. He was glad that he now had a sister and a friend. They had grown closer with the writing of the book, and Mavis had told him that she was glad that she now had a brother in her life.

Reverend Williamson continued with the ceremony and they recited the vows that each of them had written, and Val felt herself choke as she listened to Matheson declare his undying love and faithfulness to her. She felt that she was the luckiest woman alive and knew that she would do whatever she could to make him happy. His eyes bore into her as she declared her love for him and her promise of fidelity. She knew that he was memorizing every word and she knew that he would hold her to all she had promised before all of their family and God.

Gary handed Matheson her ring and he slipped the band on her finger and she did the same for him. He held her hand a moment and squeezed it, smiling at her and she knew that he was thinking about all that their rings represented.

When it came time to kiss the bride, he kissed her passionately. "You're mine forever" he whispered before letting her go. They turned and faced the clapping crowd of well-wishers.

They were man and wife. They were now one, and nothing was going to come between them. Matheson clutched her possessively around her waist and smiled. This was the happiest day of his life.

They took pictures and greeted all of the guests before they headed to the reception. They stopped and hugged all of their family members and waved as they left the church.

Val was surprised that Matheson had ordered an open carriage for them to ride to the reception in. It was being pulled by four white horses and she wondered how they were going to get there in one piece. She then discovered that they had a police escort. She felt like a princess and waved happily at the crowd as they departed.

They arrived at the reception which was held at the Harbor Court Baltimore which was on the waterfront. Emily had outdone herself and had invited half of Baltimore it seemed. Emily has also reserved their best room for Matheson and Val to stay in before they left for their honeymoon.

It was after midnight before the guests began to thin out and Matheson looked around for Val. He spotted her talking to her boss, as he and his wife were about to leave.

He walked up to her and put his arm around her waist.

"I'm ready to check out our suite, Mrs. Hendricks" he growled in her ear.

She looked at him. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, now!" he demanded leading her to the elevator.

"I'm surprised you lasted this long" she replied giggling.

He quickly ushered her onto the elevator and pushed the button to the penthouse.

He quickly picked her up when they reached the door and walked in. He kicked the door shut behind him and looked around. The suite was huge, but he didn't care about anything but the bedroom.

"Get undressed" he said quickly dumping her on the bed.

"Give me a minute" Val said grabbing her bag and going into the bathroom.

Matheson quickly removed his tie and then he heard a knock on the door.

"Damn! Who could that be?" he mumbled to himself.

He opened the door and saw a bucket of champagne sitting at the door and caught a glimpse of his mother as she quickly got on the elevator. He chuckled to himself as he read the note attached.

"I love you both. Now go and enjoy each other. Mom"

He picked the bucket up and brought it to the bedroom. Val was still in the bathroom and he finished undressing and lounged naked on the bed.

"Do you need some help? " he asked loudly.

"No" she replied.

He waited and stroked himself as he was already hard. He had waited so long for this, but he could be patient a little longer.

She walked out of the bathroom wearing a thin, gold shimmery night gown with no underpants. He stared at her, his mouth dry.

"You like?" she asked climbing on the bed.

He lifted the thin gown and noticed that she had shaved off all her hair.

"I liked the hair" he complained. "I told you not to do this."

"I wanted nothing to block that hot tongue of yours" she admitted. "I wanted to do something different. It'll grow back. Try the bald pussy….you may like it."

He stared at her already wet sex and had to admit that it looked very tempting all bare and juicy.

He lowered his mouth to her, and she moaned his name. He sucked on her smooth sex, amazed at the feel of her. He could eat her forever and never get tired of her taste. It was just as sweet as the first time he tasted her. He could tell when she was about to cum, because her taste changed slightly. He felt her stiffen and she involuntarily raised her hips off of the bed as her orgasm approached. Her juices gushed out of her, and he greedily lapped them up.

"I'm cumming" she moaned. He then sucked her engorged clit and he heard her scream his name causing his erection to ache all the more. He loved making her cum, especially when he was eating her because it was the biggest turn on for him.

He released her sopping sex and quickly turned her over. He had to have her now before he exploded.

"Get on your knees" he commanded.

She quickly obeyed, and he rubbed his stiff erection between her cheeks.

"I've been waiting for this, Mrs. Hendricks." He croaked his voice a guttural whisper.

He parted her cheeks, quickly licking her. "This is mines tonight. " He declared.

Val could feel him poised at her virgin entrance. She hadn't expected him to do this right away, and she wondered if she could handle him.

"Relax, baby" he whispered pushing into her slowly. "I've wanted this for a while, wife. Oh, god you're so tight…."

"Matheson.." she moaned as she felt her body trying to accommodate him.

"Shhhhh" he commanded trying to control the urge to push himself in quicker.

He could feel her trying to adjust to his intrusion. "All of you belongs to me now, baby. All of this is mine now. I want everything" he declared.

Val had to admit that it was a bit painful, yet she was also excited and aching at the same time.

"There are no more secrets" he hissed. "No more hidden places. All of you will know me"

He continued to push himself slowly inside her, allowing her body to adjust to his intrusion.

"Touch yourself while I fuck this ass" he commanded.

Val moaned, but complied with his request. She found that as she did it, she became more excited and his anal invasion didn't hurt as much. She could feel another orgasm approaching as he continued to move inside her, filling her causing the ache to increase. Her sex was dripping, and Matheson began to pump a little faster, causing her to moan at the sensations he was creating.

"You like it, baby?" he moaned. "You like me in this ass?"

"It hurts some at first" she admitted. "But, god now I feel like I'm going to cum!"

"I've got to have all of you, Val" he hissed, moving in and out. "Oh baby all of you"

"Me too" Val hissed still fingering her sex. "I want all of you too."

"Oh god!" she exclaimed as she felt her orgasm spasm with even her muscles in her anus contracting hard.

Matheson felt her contractions which were much stronger than those from her pussy, milking him hard. He squeezed her cheeks as his seed filled her rear and then fell on the bed breathing hard.

"You alright?" he asked. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I think I'm going to be walking funny tomorrow" she replied, breathing hard.

Matheson chuckled and kissed her, pulling her closer.

"Now I want some of your sweet coochie" he confessed.

"Go and shower" she instructed. "You can't go in there once you've been in the back door you know. You need to wash up."

"Care to join me?" he asked getting off of the bed.

"No. I need to rest a bit" she admitted.

Matheson quickly showered and expected to find her asleep. Instead he found her sitting up on the bed.

"All clean?" she asked slyly.

"Yeah" he replied wondering what she was up to.

"Good" she said staring at him. "Now it's your turn. Get on the bed and get on your knees!"

"What?" he asked surprised.

"Get on your knees and put that ass up in the air" she commanded sternly.

He stared at her dumbfounded.

"You've had your fantasy, now it's my turn" she said seriously. "Get on the bed."

Matheson did as she asked, and bent forward with his head in the pillow.

"This is not a manly position" he complained from the bed as he had his face in the pillow wondering what she was planning.

"I'm your wife. Don't you trust me?" she asked coming behind him.

"I trust you" he responded meekly.

She looked at him on his knees, bent over with his face in the pillow and felt herself go wet at the sight. She ran her hand along his back down to his butt cheeks. She had imagined this scenario and never knew how to broach the subject with him.

"I've been reading the pleasure book." She admitted. "I had thought of this on my own…but then I picked up a few pointers."

She then spread his cheeks and sniffed. She could smell the soap he had used and she stared at his tight opening. She didn't know why looking at him like this excited her, but it did.

"Your ass really turns me on" she admitted to him.

"Really?" he responded. "You're not going to spank me are you?"

"Don't give me ideas" she teased. "Right now I just want to kiss it."

"You're all mine too" she said running her finger over his hole. She felt his muscles constrict under her exploration.

"You're not afraid are you?" she asking pausing.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

"Nothing you won't like" she whispered laughing.

She ran her tongue over the opening, laving it with her tongue. She enjoyed the feel of his muscles constricting each time she licked the virgin area.

"You like me licking this ass?" she asked seductively.

" I do" he admitted, moaning as she continued.

She then took his balls into her mouth and began to suck. She used her finger and rubbed it against his opening while she continued to lick the area. She then pressed her fingertip into the opening, penetrating him.

Matheson moaned louder and began to masturbate.

"Oh no you don't buster" she snapped, slapping his hand away from his penis.

"Val please" he begged.

"Not yet. You can't cum yet" she said returning to her torture. "I don't want you to touch yourself. Concentrate on what I'm doing."

She continued to lick and suck him and Matheson thought that he was going to go crazy if he didn't fuck her soon. She pushed her finger inside him further and wiggled it.

"Val..oh god…I'm gonna cum" he said grabbing his member again.

Val slapped his hand away again. "No, not yet" she commanded. She liked being in control and quickly kissed his cheeks.

"You need a distraction. Turn over"

He turned over on his back and she climbed up to his face.

"Eat this pussy." She hissed placing her dripping sex over his face.

He gladly obliged her, and she closed her eyes as his tongue lapped her.

Val gripped the bedpost as the spasms shook her and she heard Matheson gasp as he tried to gulp all she gave him. She then slid down his body and kissed his wet mouth.

"Pussy good?' she asked smiling.

"Excellent" he replied grinning.

"Now I want to get on my knees and you will fuck me like it's your last time, husband!" she commanded.

Matheson roughly turned her over and quickly slammed into her like a mad man.

"Is this what you want, wife?" he growled banging into her hard.

"Yes!" she shrieked. She could hardly stay on her knees from the force of his thrusts. Val closed her eyes enjoying him to the utmost. His grip tightened as he grasped her, his flesh smacking against hers. She moved in rhythm with him and knew he was about to explode inside her.

"Here is that baby my Mama wants so much" he growled as he came hard inside her. Spent, he fell on the bed beside her breathing hard.

"Damn, that was good" he gasped. "You're a certified freak, you know."

"It takes one, to know one" she replied.

He pulled her close kissing her. "I love you, Mrs. Hendricks"

"I love you too, Mr. Hendricks" she replied grinning.


Emily walked out of the Hotel with Langston and Mavis. She looked at her watch and realized that it is almost two in the morning.

"You know the two of them are creating our grandbaby as we speak!" she said grinning at Mavis.

Mavis laughed. "Miss Emily, you're a mess for sure!"

Emily hugged Mavis happily. "I think I'm going to cry."

"Cry all you want to baby" Mavis replied patting her on the back.

"We're a family, Mavis." She declared looking at Gregory.

Gregory put his arm around Mavis. "Yes, dear. We are a family. Now let's get Mavis home. It's way past her bedtime."

"Don't worry about me!" Mavis declared. "My brother will take me home, won't you Langston."

"Of course" Langston replied grinning. "Rowena had to get home with the boys and Mavis and I are going to spend the rest of the weekend together at our family estate.

Mavis grinned at Langston.

"Our parents would have wanted it that way, don't you think Mavis?"

"Of course, Langston" she said patting his arm.

He helped her into the car and got in.

Emily watched as the two of them pulled off, her heart full. Everything had turned out beautifully and her boy was married. Now she could go home and secretly make plans for the baby shower. She hoped that Matheson and Val wouldn't wait too long to get started making babies.

"Woman, what are you planning now?" Gregory asked eying her as she got into their car.

"I'm thinking about what I'm going to do to you when we get home" she lied grinning at him.

"Well let's get going then" Gregory laughed, pulling off.

Emily closed her eyes and laid her head back on the seat, thinking that the day was the happiest day of her life.