Space Cowboys 2

Handcuff Calamities

By Mell Eight

Eric lay on his back, panting helplessly as he fought for enough motor control to be able to take care of Jim. Once he could see straight and close his fingers into a reliable fist, Eric grabbed the scissors waiting on the small table next to their shared bed and got to work.

The duct tape came away cleanly from the bed post and Jim gratefully lowered his hands to his chest. Eric very carefully cut through the tape binding Jim's wrists together and swooped in for a kiss once his lover was free.

Jim kissed back enthusiastically, lips and tongue soothing against his lover and captor. Finally, Jim pulled away.

"Cuddle later," he breathed. "Get this damn tape off now please."

Eric laughed in a deep, sated voice. He nuzzled Jim's neck and pulled away to put down the scissors. He gently gripped the flapping edge of tape rounding Jim's right wrist and gave a small yank.

Jim hissed. "Okay, ow," he grumbled.

"Sorry!" Eric gasped. He gave another experimental tug at the tape and quickly gave up at Jim's answering cry.

"Well," Jim said as he sat up. "The tape killed my glow. Let's cross that one off the list of fun things to add during sex."

"I had fun," Eric purred, his afterglow not totally diminished despite Jim's pain.

Jim shrugged. "Sure, during was fun," he said nonchalantly, but he couldn't stop his eyes from darkening at the thought. "But if we can't get the restraints off afterward then it's less fun."

Eric sighed. "Fine. So what should we do?"

Jim rested his head on Eric's shoulder and gazed up at his lover through his lashes. "There's some WD-40 in the repairs hangar."

"Oh no. We are not sneaking into the hangar just to get some tape off." Eric shook his head vehemently.

Jim pouted. "Why not? I can't sleep with this stuff on me. And I can't go into work tomorrow with non-removable jewelry."

Eric looked down at Jim's wrists and the duct tape stuck to his skin. Jim was right, the tape had to come off. But did they have to sneak into the hangar to do it?

"Fine," Eric sighed as he got off the bed to find his boxers.

The WD-40 was in the correct toolbox, much to Eric's pleasure as it meant they didn't have to search the entire hangar for the small bottle. The room had the capacity to fit two or three full sized space ships and was kept darkened aside from the emergency lighting after hours. If the toolbox had not been on the correct shelf and the oil had not been inside that box, they would have been searching for hours.

Under the scant red light of the exit sign and the one overhead bulb kept burning for the security guard's rounds they located the bottle of oil and got to work.

Eric spread a line of oil along the line between Jim's skin and the sticky tape attached while Jim peeled away the tape. It was a slow and messy process, but was effective enough that for a few minutes Eric thought they might finish and leave unnoticed.


Eric and Jim froze as the shout echoed through the cavernous space. A spotlight turned on and was moved to shine directly at them, blinding them from seeing who had caught them this time. The swearing clued them in quickly.

"You idiots," their captain swore, exasperation and a bit of relief at not having to deal with thieves coloring his voice. "Did one of you swallow the handcuff key again? Well the bolt cutters are along the far wall. Dumbasses," he added under his breath.

"Nah," Jim called while Eric thought about sliding under the table. "We gave up on handcuffs after that last bit of metal swallowing fun."

They had been caught in their boxers, smelling and looking like good sex had recently occurred, and with the evidence of their fun glued to Jim. While Eric was supremely embarrassed, Jim was flaunting the issue. Perhaps duct tape around the mouth would have been a good idea. Only, that would have made kissing difficult. And sex without Jim's loud moans just wasn't as satisfying.

"We're doing alright with the WD-40," Jim added as he flashed his wrists towards the Captain.

Eric heard the captain snarl in exasperation. "My best team and they're a pair of kinky queers," he sighed. "Take the damned bottle and go back to your quarters."

"Thanks, Captain," Jim called. He grabbed the bottle of WD-40, Eric's hand, and headed for the exit.

"Oh!" the captain called. "And just so you know, I have to listen to your work tapes after each space walk. Could you please keep it PG next time?"

Eric whimpered and started walking faster but Jim just smiled.

"That was pretty PG, Sir," Jim called. "Besides, it's regulation to test working under difficult conditions during an occasional routine situation."

"I bet," the captain grumbled.

Eric pulled Jim out of the hangar before his talkative and uncensored lover could open his mouth again.