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I was hoping to have a nice, drama-less year in 10th grade. No mini identity crisis, no family drama, nothing. I was really hoping I had absolutely nothing to report in this new pillowbook.

Oh how wrong I was.

This year my school has doubled in size, cut AP and Honors classes (they're only online now, taught by teachers all over the country), and is more disorganized than ever.

Now, I am a rather advanced student. I started this school in the first place so that I could do more projects, writing assignments, and work at my own pace. HA (my school) at first advertized that they were well-equipped to the needs of the gifted and talented students.

They still advertize this, but how can they, when they cut Honors and AP classes? They're now focused on catching students up to where they should be. My mom calculated yesterday that I am being taught 3 hours and 10 minutes during the 8-hour school day. I have 30 minutes for lunch, a 20-minute break in the late afternoon, and a total of 3 HOURS of study hall. That's insane! I go to a school to be taught, not to teach myself.

So now my mom is furious with my school for, well, everything. And I might not even be allowed to stay. Even my own English teacher has told my mom that I might be better at a different school with more options and classes. She offered to write me a bloody letter of recommendation!

Now she's looking into a school called Herron, which is a liberal arts college prep school downtown. (Her friend's son goes there.) I might not have to go until next year, depending on if they allow me in now.

So, gah! I really don't want to have to readjust to a new school. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I went to 2 elementary schools, and 3 middle schools. So, yes, I am pretty good at adjusting, but this time I don't want to! I have great friends here, but that's not the only reason I want to stay. I've had great friends at every school I've gone to. I honestly just want to stay at one high school until college.

Plus this would be a bigger adjustment than most. It's easier to go from brick and mortar school to virtual, than the opposite. This is my third year staying home three times a week. And I like it. Today, almost all my homework was finished by noon. How many teenagers can say that? I'm free for the rest of my day. It's an amazing opportunity. I love it.

But it's true; I'm probably not getting what I really need at HA. So what do I do? I've already committed my mind to the idea that I'll be at HA for the next 3 years. My mindset isn't willing to change just yet.

Another decision to make is if I should take the only available AP class: AP American History. Originally, I wasn't going to be allowed to take it, but I'm now in American Lit now, so they'll let me take it. Why? Because apparently, they go hand in hand.

Now, normally I would leap at the opportunity, but it probably means dropping my current history class: Modern World Studies. I am 1 of 5 students taking (my smallest class ever), and they're mostly friends, with one good acquaintance. It's a really, REALLY nice little group to do history with. In AP American History I would be alone in a class of juniors.

PLUS Modern World Studies is one of two classes with my best school friend, Lydia. You guys have heard of her. I don't think I want only one class with her. Educationally, going to the AP class would be best, but in doing that I sacrifice seeing my friends.

**sighs** I probably have to make the sacrifice. This decision has to be made by 4 this afternoon, so most likely none of you will get this by then because of school and such. Still, I'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. Thanks, guys. As always, you rock.