Things to know before you read: Matt and Lauren have a 3 year old daughter Alexandra and they arn't together anymore and Lauren is raising her in the suburb's of DC close to her dad and step mom.

Chapter 1

One morning Lauren is helping her little 3 year old daughter get dressed.

''so sweetie how about we go to a puppet show then invite Grandpa or go and see and bring grandpa lunch?'' Lauren asks her

''otay!'' Alexandra

''okay!'' Lauren says

''okay come on lets go downstairs and get you some breakfast kido.'' Lauren tells her and brings her downstairs into the kitchen and sits her down at the table and gives her some apple juice and fruitloops and calls her dad

''Larry Graham.'' he answers

''Hi dad!'' Lauren says

''oh Hi sweetie how are you and Alexandra doing?'' he asks her

''we're fine.'' Lauren tells him

''that's good.'' he says

''yea so listen are you busy today?'' she asks him

''um yea a little bit why?'' he asks her

''we were just wondering if you wanted to come to lunch with us after a puppet show or if we could come bring you lunch and see you and have lunch with you?'' Lauren asks him

''oh well um I gonna have to check my schedule sweetie what time is the puppet show

''um 12 at the Smithsonian.' Lauren tells him

''um oh yea sure I'm free at between 1 and 1:30 is that okay?'' he asks her

''perfect!'' she says

''good.'' he says

''so how's Alex?'' he asks her

''she's perfect she's right here actucally would you like to say hi to her?'' she asks him

''yea sure pass me over.'' Larry tells her

''hunnie you wan to say Hi to grandpa

''yes!'' Alex says

''okay.'' Lauren says and putsthe phone up to her ear helping her hold it

''gmpa!'' Alex says

''Hi Al!'' Larry says

''you being good for mommy?'' he asks her

''yea I'm awlways gwood gmpa!'' she tells him

''I know you are sweetie.'' he says

''so you're gonna go to a puppet show with mommy today?'' he asks her

''yea!'' she says excitedly

''well have fun okay and I will see you this afternoon okay?'' he asks her

''otay bwye gmpa!' Alex says

''bye sweetie.'' he says

Alex hands the phone back over to Lauren.

''hi dad so we will see you this afternoon?'' Lauren asks him

''yup.'' he says

''okay bye dad.'' she says

''bye sweetie.'' he says and hangs up

Lauren hangs up.