"Damn, where the hell am I?" asked a teenage boy wandering in a forest on a small mountain/large hill. He had spiky black hair and black eyes. He wore a crimson martial arts top, blue pants, and a pair of black wrist bands. Strapped to his back was a bo staff. "I've been wandering the mountain for three days, my house should be around here somewhere!"

It seems as though an explanation is in order…

~~~Three days ago

"Holy crap a rock!" the teenage boy screamed as he tripped over a rock, sending him tumbling down the mountainside.

~~~Present day

"I hope that rock erodes into sand!" spat the teenager. "Man I'm hungry though, maybe I can catch a wild turkey or something."

~~~An hour later

"Now where am I?" the teen said again. This time he was standing in the middle of a paved road going around the mountain. "And when the hell was this road paved?" He then heard then sound of a vehicle heading his way. "Finally someone to he-"

The teenager was hit by a car moving about 45 mph in a 30 mph zone. As the vehicle hit him, the teen uttered a foul curse under his breath. The car sped forward, stopping when it hit a tree. However, miraculously, the boy sprung back to his feet, rubbing his head. "THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?" He then saw a disheveled figure popping out from the car door he yelped, "Holy crap! An oni!"

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING AN ONI!?" yelled the "oni" throwing a rock at its offender and hitting the boy in the face. The "beast" stepped into the clear revealing that the "demon" was actually an attractive teenage girl with bright green eyes. She was about the same height as the boy and had red hair tied into a braid. She had on a black t-shirt with the word "DAZE" written on it and blue jeans. "Oh, did I accidentally kill him?" She said once she had noticed that the boy hadn't stood back up yet. "Shit! What am I going to do? I'm too hot to go to prison!"

"Ow, my face!" yelped the boy as he sat up, holding his bleeding nose. "Are you trying to kill me!?"

"I wasn't trying but it seems you managed to survive anyway! I mean, how'd you manage to survive getting hit by a speeding car?"

"My dad taught me to be as sturdy as steel and stronger than an ox." He then noticed that the tree the girl had run into was starting to topple over. "Watch out!" he yelled yanking her out of the way. "He also taught me to be faster than a falling tree."

"You can let go of me now," said the girl, still being held by the boy. Once he let her go she said, "Well, since you saved me, I at least out to tell you my name, I'm Karin Sakata, and you?"

"Name's Reidou, nice to meet you. By the way what are you doing out here?"

"For very personal reasons, I'd rather not tell you. Speaking of which, where exactly is 'here'."

"Good question."


"Hopefully we're still on Rakusha Mountain."

"You mean you're lost, too?" "Great just my luck."

"Hey I'm not lost! My house is at the top of the mountain, and I tripped on a rock and ended up at the bottom of the mountain. I've been spending the last three days trying to get back up to the summit."


"Least I'm not a bad driver," spat the boy under his breath.

Karin threw another rock at the Reidou's head. "We'll if your house is at the top of the mountain, then if we follow the road we can get close. The terrain should all be familiar then." She then saw that Reidou gave her a look of "Why hadn't I thought of that," and face faulted in surprise of his cluelessness.

"How about we get moving then?" said Reidou, still clueless of his own stupidity.

~~~Several hours later

It was evening when the unlikely duo had finally reached Reidou's home. The teenage boy immediately proceeded to rush over to his small, shed-like, house and begin kissing the walls in pure delight.

"Well, it's really late, I'll have to continue my search tomorrow," noted Karin. "Reidou, let me stay in your house until morning."

"Sure whatever…"

~~~That night

Reidou sat on the roof of his little house, gazing up at the stars. "Well, Dad, I'm finally home after three long days of searching. I was able to survive due to all that training you've given me. And I met someone from the city today. She's kinda good looking, too." "Oh well, guess I better start making dinner," he said hopping up. However, Reidou slipped on a roof tile and was sent falling to the ground. "Crap! That's where Karin's –"

Reidou fell into the oil drum that Karin happened to be bathing in. "Just thought I'd drop in to see if you were okay," he said, nose bleeding, after coming up for air. The comment rewarded him roughly thirty slaps in the face, all in rapid succession.

"You damn pervert!" cursed the blond. "How dare you defile a woman's most sacred ritual – the bath. How old are you anyway, you little punk?"


"You frickin sicko!" screamed Karin, sending another round of slaps Reidou's way. "You're only a year younger than me! Jeez, you're lucky I don't have a place to stay, otherwise I would be so gone right now."

"How exactly am I the lucky one?" "Listen, I was going to rustle up some dinner for us, but if you'd rather starve overnight…"

"What are we having?" asked Karin, suddenly fully clothed.

"What is she, a speed dresser?"

~~~A half hour later

"I caught a wolf," said Reidou cheerily, hoisting the dead canine over his shoulder.


"Well, you've got to cook it first, otherwise you'll get a disease," answered Reidou, completely straight faced. "Don't they teach you that in the city? By the way, which city are you from?"

"I'm from the Eastern Capital, not really that far from here. My father's the CEO of AlleviTech."

"You mean that company that provides supplies for injured people? It's pretty well known, even out here in the country." Reidou began to set up the fire for cooking his lupine meal. He asked Karin to grab some more firewood from inside his home, but received a shock when he heard the girl shriek. "What's up?" he asked, rushing to her side, finding that she had fallen over in surprise in from of his family altar. On display atop the altar was a broken stone tablet, with some sort of ancient writing on it.

"Y-you h-have one!" the girl stuttered in surprise. "One of the Shinseimonshouseki! I've been looking all over for it!" Karin reached forward to grab the tablet but was cut off by Reidou.

"What do you think you're doing with my family heirloom?" he asked. "This tablet has been passed down and guarded through several generations of my father's family."

"Family heirloom?" "So he doesn't know about the legendary Shinseimonshouseki! Then I can use this to my advantage." "You don't understand, Reidou, that stone their has a much higher purpose." Karin then took out an identical tablet fragment and showed it to the black haired boy. "There are a total of 10 of these tablets, spread around this continent, Jinkai. It was the sacred duty of my ancestors to gather the whole stone together."

"Is that true? Awesome!" said Reidou, with sparkles of interest in his eyes. "How is it that you manage to find mine?"

"That's an easy one, when I first found this stone, I had my father do some research on it. He was able to build a machine, able to perfectly translate the ancient text written on the stones. And the text written on the stones tells the location of the next stone you're supposed to find. Your stone is the second I've found. I found this first one in my attic about a week back."

"I don't completely get it, but there's something that bugs me. You don't seem like the type who would follow all this destiny stuff. I'm guessing that there must be some sort of prize in the end. And I want a cut of that!"

"What about this father you've been telling me about? Won't he have any objections to this?"

"I don't know, and I can't exactly ask him. He died a few years ago. I've been living by myself since I was twelve."

"And I suppose there won't be any changing your mind then, will there?"

"You bet your ass I'm not changing my mind. I'm more stubborn than a mule!"

"Are you complimenting yourself?" "This might not be so bad. I mean, if he managed to survive being hit by a car, then who knows what else he's capable of. He should make a good bodyguard. Plus, he's not as smart as me, so I should be able to ditch him at the very end." "Very well then, I guess this makes us partners."

"So long as I get to keep the stone afterward, I mean it was passed down through my family."

"Sure, whatever." "That idiot doesn't know that after the prize is found, the tablets scatter again!"

~~~The next evening, at the base of Rakusha Mountain

"Finally we made it to the village," sighed Reidou, referring to the village that they could spot not far away from them. "We can stay there overnight."

The newly formed team trudged forward, until they could make out screams coming from the village. Karin and Reidou rushed in to check out what exactly was going on, to find that the village was being ransacked by some invaders. The attackers were all dressed similarly: military pants, vests, and boots. They all wore blue bandannas on their heads, hinting that they must've been some sort of gang or large team.

Thinking quickly, Reidou used his staff as a pole vault to launch a kick to the face of one of the invaders who was attacking a young woman. The force from the blow instantly knocked the attacker out. Seeing their comrade fall, two more enemies arrived. The two launched an assault on the teenager, but Reidou was too fast. He snatched up his staff and tripped his foes with attacks to the ankles. He finished the two by hammering them on the head.

"Nicely done," was all an astonished Karin could say to her partner.

"We have to get moving, more guys will come here if we stay," Reidou answered. He then motioned for the woman he had saved to come with them.

The group of three moved through the village, defeating small groups of attackers and collecting villagers to increase their party. Soon they had a large group of about fifty or sixty people, and began to overwhelm the company of attackers.

"Looks like that's the last of them," said Reidou, knocking out the last of the attackers.

"That can't be," said one elderly man. "I could swear that there were much more attackers when they first came to the village."

"Who are these posers anyway?" asked Reidou.

"I know who they are," said Karin. "I think they might part of that Blue Bandit crew. I'm just guessing because of the bandannas. They're one of the strongest mafias in the world right now. They've got a lot of members – I think around 10,000 total, spread around Jinkai. They're known for they're blue bandannas and their military-like structure."

"Looks like someone did her homework," came an unknown voice. The voice belonged to a tall, olive-skinned man who wore the same guise as his comrades. His bandanna covered up his silvery-white hair. He wore brown gloves on his fists and held a cigarette in his mouth. He had a scar starting from his forehead, moving diagonally down between his eyes, and ending not far below his left eye. Behind him stood about 80 gangsters. With a gesture from his hand, half of the henchmen attacked the ragtag group of villagers.

"Gotta take out the leader first," thought Reidou, ducking and weaving his way through the wave of gangsters. When he finally emerged from the crowd, he dashed straight for their the olive-skinned man, only to be met with an unexpected hook to the face.

"Where did that come from?" he thought, falling to the ground. Reidou managed to stop his fall by planting his staff into the earth beneath him. Reidou looked up to see his opponent in an orthodox boxing stance. "A boxer, huh? He's tall, probably around 190 cm (6'3"), over 20 cm taller than me. Meaning that he has a tremendous reach advantage over me. As long as I keep my distance by using bojutsu, I'll be fine."

Reidou grabbed his staff and twirled it in his hand, stopping so that it pointed to his foe. "You're no ordinary opponent like these guys. What's your name?"

"Well, in the Blue Bandits, I'm known as Major Roves. I won't bother with your name, since it won't stay with you for long!"

"A bold statement, but can you handle this?" Reidou asked, shifting his stance. He lowered himself and held his staff back, similar to a javelin. He made a ring with his left thumb and index finger, acting like a scope pointed directly at Roves. He placed his right palm at the end of the staff, while the other end poked out of the ring.

"What a ludicrous stance!" taunted the boxer, rushing straight in.

Seeing his opportunity, Reidou launched his attack. He pushed the staff forward, striking the gangster smack in the forehead with such a force, he was instantly knocked out. "Hissatsu: Pachinko Ouda."

Looking back to where the gangsters had charged, Reidou found that the bulk of them had been defeated by the villagers, who were now threatening the other gangsters that had stayed behind. This warranted a strategic retreat on their part.

"Looks like we won, huh?" asked Karin. "Great job fighting back there." "Yup, I could definitely use this one."

"So are you going to stay behind while I do the fighting for the rest of our little trip together?" asked Reidou sarcastically. "I wonder what such a large gang could've wanted in this little village?"


"Then I guess this is the start of a beautiful partnership, huh?"

There you go, chapter one of a new, comedy-action story. And this one I haven't planned out, so I'm making it up as I go along. In fact, the only thing I have planned is a few of the future characters. But isn't that how most manga happen anyway? This story has got quite a few influences, mostly Dragon Ball, One Piece, Ranma 1/2, and Inuyasha. Anyway, see ya next time!

Character Designs (all from tektek(dot)org)

Reidou: /avatar/38464711

Karin Sakata: /avatar/38464970 (imagine the shirt says "DAZE")

Gangsters: /avatar/38465197

Major Rove: /avatar/38465424