Have you ever lived in Shadows?

I have.

I've lived in them, felt their unforgiving fingers grab my skin, freezing me with an ice so cold I thought it would never melt. I've heard their voices whispering promises, empty promises, of Power and Comfort, and of Vengeance. I lived with them for years.

Have you ever felt Empty?

I have.

Emptiness, a feeling that isn't a feeling, is really nothing at all. It feels like you aren't there when you are, like you are completely detatched from the world around you. I was that way for a long time.

Has your Inner Darkness ever controlled you?

Mine has.

He's taken over my thoughts, my mind, left me Powerless to be attacked by Emptiness, Nevers, Cold, and Pain...left me to Suffer.

And Suffer, I did.

Blinding bursts of Pain that left me sobbing for hours, begging for some semblance of leniency; Cold that stabbed through my heart and veins, choking me; Emptiness that made me feel so Lonely, so inexplicably Lonely...I Suffered through this for most of my life.

It Hurt.

It always Hurt, when my Darkness had control, seeing as he has no love for me; to him, I am a pet at best, and at worst? At worst, I am Nothing, not even something he need Fear.

It Scares me.

Now that I've managed to escape that, to leave the Dark mostly behind, I still feel so Scared of it; I'm Frightened it will happen again. I don't want it to happen again; I'll most likely Die this time, if it does.

I'm Scared...

I'm Scared...

I'm Scared...

Please Help me. I don't want to become one with the Dark anymore. I want to stay in the Light. Please...if you can...please...Save me. I don't want to be here in the Dark.

Save me...Please...

BB: This is something I have lived through. It's both Entrancing and Terrifying, the Dark. It draws you in, almost like a blanket, protecting you from some things, and showing you to others. I have sought Darkness for Comfort, and fled from it in Fear and Terror; such as it's Nature. Darkness enthralls and horrifies...and this part of the story is only one side of it. There will be three parts to this story. This one is called Fear. The next one is called Desire. And the last is called Both.

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