Made: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time: 1: 30p.m


Oh look, what do we have here?

A little kid crying about all his fears.
"Mommy, mommy, please come help me.
I'm so lonely
And I need you."
Faces keep on walking by—
I don't even bother to ask why.
People just trying to get through life,
All their selfless cares are shy.
The kid won't stop his crying
Until the people stop their lying,
Because he's dying
With what he's hiding
On the inside.

A woman walking to some place,
Trying to hide what's on her face.
Even the kindest souls can falter;
Even the best of things can alter.
She stumbles and she falls—
The kid gives out a call.

Their eyes meet
And the world comes to a pause.
The gray stop-motion has come into play,
Disrupting the black and white of the day.
And for a moment—
Just a moment—
The kid stops his crying,
The woman stops her hiding,
And two strangers understand each other.