Nace led Faye to the music room, since he didn't think she would want to see Tanya's things scattered around his room. She was a slob, which might not have bothered him before Faye, but had been one of the things that irked him most.

"I've been waiting until the day I could give this to you," he whispered after she sat on the piano bench. He got to one knee, just as he'd imagined doing, and said, "marry me."

"You really think I'm going to say no?" was Faye's only answer as she grabbed eagerly for the stunning ring he'd pulled out of his pocket. Had he really been carrying that around, every day? That was more romantic, more staggering, than a thousand proposals.

He snatched his hand away. "Play nice, Faye," he ordered, pretending to be stern. He was determined to do this right.

"Fine, fine." She laughed a little, but carefully rearranged her expression to something more serious. Her stomach was turning somersaults. "Yes, Nace, I'll marry you."

"I was starting to think I'd never hear those words."

Pride goeth before the fall, they say. But when that fall is in love, there's a chance for redemption.


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