The white dove circled the sky,

softly and steadily.

They flew left and drifted right,

for they could do whatever they chose.

Tall scarlet walls divided the Chinese emperor's household from the commoners.

Women, beautiful and in their primes, were of an abundance inside.

Young girl wished to join them, to live in the utopia, to have delicacies for every meal, to smooth silk everyday and to have hundreds of others working day and night to please them.

The outsiders thought of it as the perfect world, a world without hunger or hardship.

But, like most beliefs, it couldn't be more far off from the truth. They were wives, concubines and mistresses to the emperor.

While it was true that they had most needs provided for, the most essential elements of human beings were robbed from them: love, security and a sense of self.

The emperor had more than a dozen wives who were nothing more than tools to him. For them, one wrong choice of word and they were out of favour, or even killed.

The best years of their lives were spent purposelessly, trying to satisfy a man they did not love.

They were imprisoned within the scarlet walls, like flightless birds, without power and without freedom. Their stories were never told, until now.