The slamming of a car into ours at fifty miles an hour resulted in a loud explosion in my ears. Shattering glass, twisting metal, tires screeching and a scream were the only sounds I could identify. It took me a while to realize I was the one screaming, and when I did I stopped. The car I was in had spun around wildly and finally stopped when it crashed into a pole. Warm liquid poured down my head and pain started in the back of my head and neck. The middle of my body felt bruised and broken, and I sat there helpless and confused.

I heard a whimper close to me. "Mom!" I cried out suddenly. Oh shit! What the hell had just happened? "Mom!" I cried out again.

"I love you, Lina," I heard Mom rasp out, her breathing heavy. I couldn't seem to move to look at her. "I love you, and your dad. Please tell him." Her voice started to fade.

"No Mom!" I screamed out. "Mom you can't leave us! Mom!" I felt liquid bubbling up in my throat and I started choking. "Mom!" I tried again but choked instead. Mom! I screamed in my head. Mom you can't die! You can't! Mom don't leave us! Hang in there! MOM! I could feel tears come to my eyes as I started getting hysterical.

Mom! Answer me! Don't leave! Please don't leave! Mom! I could hear the sirens coming outside but I still couldn't move. I need you!

And all of a sudden it was like someone was caressing my mind tenderly, lovingly. It was filled with compassion and anxiety for me. It's ok, Lina. It'll be all right. You have to let your Mom go.

No! I screamed in my mind. No I won't let her go! I can't! But even then I was starting to fill with a sense of peace as though someone was caressing me, trying to soothe my fears.

Yes you can. You will be fine. I promise. Suddenly my mind was filled with warmth, as though someone was kissing my face gently and hugging me. It was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out.