The darkness roams
The silence foams
And the cold air clouds over me like a crashing wave

It sounds deafening
It feels threatening
As time passes every slow second by second

I was left standing
I was left alone
On this unfamiliar street corner

You left me bleeding
You left me dying
Rushing away like a bloody-handed thief

My brain felt battered
My heart was shattered
And I always saw you as the healer

For you kissed the wounds away
For you loved the scars away
And I trusted you with my whole being

Love is patient, love is kind
Love must not be faked or undermined
You broke the meaning of my existence in half

Now I stand, frightened
Now I wait, unsure
Of who will pick me up this time

A lie is what you were
A lie is what you'll always be
But I shall live

For jigsaw puzzles are my speciality