Sooo, I randomly thought that I should start a journal thingy on here because I'm

1 Bored

2) Bored

3) Bored


4) Wanted something else to write and this would give me an excuse to update on stuff (you thought I was going to say bored didn't you? =P)


It doesn't really matter that I have no clue what to write... I think.

Umm, I'm going into high school this year and am scared outta my wits. I know that it's not all that big and scary once you get in and get to know peoples and classes (or so I've heard) but it's a bit nerve wrecking going from a class of 13 (me included) to a class of 300 *eep!*(no joke, that's really how big the difference is, no exaggerations) O_o

First person to review gets a cookie! *big grin*