Chapter 3

''well hello to you too.'' Matt says

''dad just came to pick me up from my game and brought me home.'' Kaelene tells her

''well I just wanted to see and spend some time with my daughter and you.'' he tells her

Lauren just rolls her eyes ''fine.'' she says

''I'm gonna go up and change I'll be right down..'' Lauren tells them

''okay.'' Matt says

Lauren goes upstairs and Kaelene watches her and gets up.

''I'll be right back dad.'' Kaelene tells him

''okay sweetie.'' he says

Kaelene runs after Lauren upstairs and goes into her bedroom.

''hey Mom...Mom.'' Kaelene says

''what sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''what's going on with you and dad?'' Kaelene asks her

''what?'' Lauren asks her

''nothing sweetie.'' Lauren tells her

''Mom?'' Kaelene questions her

''nothing we just haven't seen him in months!'' Lauren tells her

''oh yea I know.'' Kaelene says

''I'm sorry.'' Kaelene appoligizes

''for what sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''well I was just really rude to dad tonight.'' she tells Lauren

''I don't know where it came from but it came out.'' she tells Lauren

''maybe it's because we don't see or talk to him much or lately anymore.'' Kaelene tells her

''don't worry about it sweetie I'm sure he understands that you're angry with him.'' Lauren tells her

''well I don't want to be it suck.'' Kelene tells her

''I mean he is a good dad to me or at least he tries when he tries.'' Kaelene tells her