Chapter 1

One night Lauren is in the bathroom in her and Peter's bedroom brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed when Peter comes into the bedroom and into the bathroom.

''oh hey dad.'' she says

''hey sweetie.'' he says and kisses her

''you get Roman to bed okay?'' she asks him

''oh yea I did.'' he tells her

''good.'' she says

''yea hey come here.'' he says

''what?'' she questions him playfully giving him the sexy eyes he loves

Peter smiles and turns her around and leans her backside against the sink and kisses her deeply and passionately.

''mmm.'' Lauren moans into his mouth holding his cheek

Peter gets into it more deeply.

''mmm babe...'' she says without finishing her sentence and goes back to kissing him

Peter keeps kissing her.

''mmm babe stop.'' she tells him

''mmm what?'' he questions her

''I didn't....'' she doesn't finish her sentence and goes backto kissing him

''hmm?'' he questions her frenching her

''I haven't taken my pill today I do it can't tonight I'm sorry.'' she tells him

''oh I'm sorry.'' he says

''that's okay.'' she says

''I just love you.'' he tells her

''that's very sweet of you and I love you too.'' she tells him

Peter kisses her one last time.

Lauren kisses him back and smiles watching him leave the bathroom so she can get the rest of the way ready for bed before she turns off the light and crawls into bed next to Peter.

Lauren lays her head against Peter's chest.

Peter kisses the top of her head.

Lauren just draws small soft circles on his chest '' I love you.'' she tells him

''I love you too to be.'' he tells her

Lauren just smiles looking at her ring and buries her head into Peter's chest kissing at it.