This was something that came into my head before dinner as I was feeling sad eariler and this came into my head and had to write this but still working on One Quirky Family but in this, Izz is feeling lonely as his best human friend and Arian partner had been in Aria for two years helping her kingdom but she returns and finds Izz has been sad but when Bronx leaves, it's up to her and the rest of their family to show him he's not alone.

I hope people like especially Monkeyfist1234.

Izz was feeling upset as he was hiding under the bed of his best friend's room as tears were in his snail like eyes because he was feeling lonely as his best friend and Arian partner had left for two years as she was the true Queen of Aria and knew the kingdom needed her just as much as he did but he still missed her around as she and him always had fun making up their own fun and sparring in their room but he wore something around his silver grey furred neck as it was part of the friendship necklace.

He had one piece and his friend had the other piece but he sighed as he was under the bed which was something he never really did as he hated the dark and only came under the bed when he was feeling like this but had an navy blue blanket wrapped around him as it was the first thing his friend had given him as a sign of their friendship but he sniffled as his heart made a wish.

"Please let her come back to me.

I know I'm being selfish but I need her.

Please........" he thought as his eyes closed in sleep.......

Later that night, Leah entered her friend's bedroom as she noticed the bedside table was on as she knew Izz had probably done it as he had been hiding but had came out for dinner but found him on the bed wearing black pyjamas with purple sleeves as he had the navy blue blanket Carley had given him when he along with Bronx and Yuri had first came to Earth as he smiled sadly seeing her.

"Hey Izz.

We were worried about you.

I brought you sime cookies and milk." she said.

He saw her put the tray on the floor as he was sitting there beside her.

"You were thinking about her weren't you?" she asked.

Izz nodded in reply.

"I just want to be with her like old times." he said softly.

"I know you do.

We all miss her." she said.

He knew she'd been feeling the way he did.

But she was helping their family.

But she saw Izz's snail like eyes go wide.

"I can feel her aura.

She must be returning." he said.

"I hope so.

But just wait, okay?" she said.

"I will." he said eating.

He'd eaten little at dinner.

She hoped things would be okay.

Later that night around four in the morning, Leah felt a strong surge of Arian magic as her hazel eyes opened but felt it coming from Carley and Izz's room as she got up and went to the door but opened it slowly but gasped seeing somebody she hadn't seen in two years.

It was Carley but her eyes glowed with Dragon Heart Ogreix as she smiled seeing her as Carley hugged her with tears of joy in her sky blue eyes as she understood but knew she had been worried about Izz but saw she was tired as she lay in bed in the spare room but understood as she knew Izz would be happy along with the rest of their family to see her as she went to her room to sleep some more........