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The next morning, Izz awoke as he felt the Arian aura of his friend as he woke up with a jolt as he went downstairs but saw Leah in the kitchen making pancakes as Yuri was helping her but the light purple furred female Psammead hadn't told her brother that she and Bronx were returning to Aria for a long while but Leah knew that this wasn't the right time to talk about that and hoped he would be okay.

But Izz wondered why there was a smile on Leah's face but she wouldn't tell him yet.

Bronx was in the living room watching anime but he knew that Izz would feel better once he found out who had returned from Aria late last night but saw his brother was distracted but understood.

"You okay Izzard?" he asked.

The male silver gret Psammead replied.


Somebody was calling to me through our link." Izz said.

Bronx knew who he was talking about but saw him become his Humanix form as he was going to college with Leah which made Bronx a little nervous but understood knowing that his brother's best friend would be going there too in the Fall.

Leah then saw him leave but had a feeling he wasn't going to the college but was heading to the woods where he normally hung out but didn't bother her and couldn't wait for the little news they were going to tell him as Bronx and Yuri smiled.

"I'm going to the mall, okay?

Stay here until I get back, okay?

David will be here the entire day.

Make sure no dark hearted Arians enter the house." she instructed.

"Don't worry." Bronx replied.

Leah smiled as she left the house.

Bronx then went to watch Naruto.

Yuri then went to see what David was doing.

Later around lunchtime, Leah returned carrying many bags from the mall but Bronx and Yuri understood as they then saw her go to check up on Izz but he wasn't there but noticed he had taken his black and purple hooded jacket and figured he was in the woods near their home like he always did when she and the others weren't around.

She smiled as she was planning a little surprise.......

Meanwhile Izz was in the woods near the Robert's house where he liked being when Leah and the others weren't around and had hung out there but he went to the tree house that he and his friends had built and went there but gasped seeing somebody was in there and was a little nervous as he knew people walking around here were curious about it but climbed up the tree easily and entered through the door but bared his teeth in case it was unwelcome intruder but gasped seeing what was lying there.

It was a silver grey furred Psammead but was hurt as he wondered what had happened but knew it needed medical attention and he heard moaning as he lifted the strange Psammead up gently as he left the tree house and went back to the house and entered through the window to Leah's bedroom but thankfully she wasn't in there but Mike was there and was nuzzling the strange Psammead.

"Get away Mike!" Izz growled as the cat ran out scared.

He headed to his and Carley's room.

He laid the strange Psammead on the bed knowing that his best friend and Arian partner wouldn't mind as they were helping a fellow Arian but he noticed it was wearing black fingerless gloves along with an necklace, a locket around it's silver grey furred neck and had a scar on her cheek as it made him curious as he was waiting patiently for it to wake up so he could get to know it as he along with his human friends were the Ambassdors of Aria and helped those from Aria who were seeking a life in this world to adjust along with helping humans learn about Aria but he heard it whimper a little in pain.

He wanted to get help but heard Leah call him to come downstairs and had to go but hoped that the strange Psammead would be okay as he gasped entering the living room seeing somebody he'd missed return as he ran into her arms but Leah and the others smile as they knew how much he'd missed her but he had to tell her about the strange Psammead as she was the Queen of Aria but it could wait for a few minutes.

Carley smiled seeing a few tears in her friend and Arian partner's snail like eyes as she understood as he was in her arms but she was in awe as he told her about the strange Psammead that was in their room as they went upstairs.

Izz was relieved seeing that the strange Psammead was still there but they saw it's snail like eyes open but was whimpering in pain as she was afraid too as she'd been separated from her Arian partner as Izz saw she was shy like his best friend sometimes but saw her bow before them.

"M-My name is Celeste.

I was separated from my Arian partner.

We were about to come to this world when Fury Goblins attacked but my Arian partner Lana pushed me into the portal and it closed after I went through." she said shyly not giving Izz eye contact.

"Who's Lana?" Izz asked.

"It's what she calls her Arian partner.

Her actual name is Lanadril.

She's an new Ogreix Warrior.

She comes from Imaginis, the Realm of Dreams.

She has Dream Ogreix.

Don't worry Celeste.

You can stay here with Izz and my other friends.

I'll go to Aria later and try to find Lana." Carley said.

The female silver grey furred Psammead smiled.

Izz sighed as they went back downstairs but Carley told him to go back into their room while she got the first aid kit but the silver grey furred male Psammead wasn't happy about that but knew she'd return as she returned a few seconds later but Celeste was a little nervous.

"She doesn't trust us yet.

How're you going to help her?" Izz asked her.

"You'll see." Carley said.

She then got him to plat the music box they used to make Bronx go to sleep as Celeste approached as she relaxed as the young ruler of Aria was tending to her wounds but Izz was curious about the scar on her cheek but Celeste looked sad hearing him notice that.

"Thank you." she said.

"You're welcome.

I like to help friends." she told her.

They then went to join the others.......