Chapter 1

it's the big day in LA it's Lauren and Matt's daughter's 16th birthday and Lauren is lighting the candles on the cake and her father Larry finds her.

''hey sweetie almost ready?'' he asks her

''yea almost.'' she says

''so what time is Matt going to be here?'' he asks her

Lauren checks her cell clock ''um he should be getting dropped off here in a little bit.'' she tells him

Lauren finishes lighting the candles ''okay ready dad?'' she asks him

''yup let's go.'' he says and opens the door for her and Lauren brings the cake out and puts it on the table and everyone gathers around the table and starts to sing happy birthday to her daughter and watches her blow out the candles and Lauren's cell goes off.

''oh I have to get this sweetie.'' Lauren tells her daughter

''okay.'' her daughter says

Lauren goes over to a spot in the yard.

''hello?'' she answers

''hey baby.'' he says

''Matt!'' she says happily

''I'm here.'' he tells her

''okay where are you baby?'' she asks him

''right behind this fence.'' he tells her and knocks on the fence that leaves the yard

''I just knocked did you hear it?'' he asks her

''yea.'' she says opening it up and hangs up throwing her phone on the ground and sees him and throws herself on him kissing him hard

''mmmm.'' he moans in her mouth kissing her passionately holding her tightly

Lauren pulls away and looks in his eyes running her hair through his hair.

''welcome home stranger ready to see and re-meet your daughter?'' she asks him

''yea lets do it.'' he says letting Lauren down and goes to stand behind his daughter and she turns around and gasps

''Dad!'' she throws herself on him like Lauren

''hey baby!!!'' he says hugging her tightly

''happy birthday kido.'' he tells her

''thanks my wish finally came true!!'' she tells him hugging him tighter around his neck

Lauren lets them have thier little moment and wipes a tear from her eye smiling and picks up the plastic knife to cut the cake.

''okay who wants cake?!'' she asks