Chapter 2

Lauren starts cutting the cake and starts passing it out and Matt comes over and starts rubbing her back. Lauren looks back at him and smiles ''hey baby here.'' she says and eats some frosting off her thumb and serves him a piece.

''thanks hun.'' he says and goes to find a seat to eat his cake

Lauren makes sure to give everyone a piece then sees Matt and goes over and looks in his eyes lovingly with the eyes he loves and he looks back at her and pats his lap and Lauren smiles and sits down on his lap.

'how's that cake dad?'' she asks him

''it's good thanks.'' he says

''am I too heavy for ya?'' she asks him

''no not heavy at all baby.'' he tells her

''good oh man I'm so happy you're home solider.'' she tells him

''thanks me 2 you have no idea.'' he tells her and kisses her

Lauren holds his cheek kissing him back with her eyes closed.

Lauren's daughter's boyfriend finds her ''hey baby having fun?'' he asks her holding her

''yea I am.'' she tells him

''isn't that your parents making out over there?'' he asks her

''ugh yea it is my dad just came back from Iraq.'' she tells him

''oh wow you must be happy to see him and that he's home.'' he says

''yea I am.'' she tells him

back over across the yard where Matt and Lauren are

''so how are your parents and sister and brother?'' he asks her

''thier good.'' she tells him

''that's good.'' he says

''yea.'' she says

''so do you need help cleaning up later?'' he asks her

''yea that would be great thank you baby.'' she says

''you're welcome.'' he says and just holds her

''I can't believe how fast our little girl has grown up.'' he tells her

''I know.'' she says and smiles

''so whose the boy with her?'' he asks her

''uh that's Joe.'' she tells him

''Joe?'' he questions her

''her boyfriend.'' Lauren tells him

''she has a boyfriend?'' he asks her

''um yea for like 2 years now.'' she tells him

''wow!'' he says

''yea I know.'' she says