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Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Violence

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Think about the characters personalities, what's going on to them, and the words that have been used describing their feelings.

'italics' - thinking


'It's so quiet' A young woman thought as she walked down the sidewalk of a desolate and clean street. Her shoes barely made a noise as they met the ground. She had her hands gently tucked away into her black coat pockets, a gray, wool tuque covering her dark haired head, eyes downcast.

It wasn't exactly frigid outside, but she still liked keeping herself covered to a great extent. She wasn't like those other popular, slutty, seventeen year-old girls that enjoyed flaunting around the streets scarcely clothed.

And this girl definitely did not walk around the streets, alone, at night, in little to no clothing. That just screamed the word 'whore' plain and simple.

From around her came a soft breeze that blew over the trees, causing the branches to sway and the leaves to gently rustle. She sighed at the soft melody of nature that floated through the sultry air about her.

Absently the girl, Evelyn Conan, undid the zipper on the military-style coat that she was wearing, opening it up and pulling at the collar of her loose, white t-shirt.

She barely contained the shiver that ran down her spine as a bead of chilling sweat slowly slid down the side of her neck. It descended down and around her throat and then slipped away beneath her shirt, most likely moving toward the valley that laid between her breasts.

A noise to her right caused her to look over, her piercing green eyes widening with surprise. A man sat on the ground, his long legs stretched out in front of him. His head was hanging forward, a mass of shaggy, dark brown hair hiding the upper half of his face. His body was dressed in ratty clothes, covered in dirt, grime, and something that may have been blood.

Evelyn stopped and stared at him, he didn't look up at her, he didn't even move, he just gave a pained groan. She hesitated, stuck between walking away or staying and helping this seemingly homeless, drunk man.

Swallowing up some courage she walked over to him, kneeling down next to his stretched out legs and reaching her hand out to grasp his chin and lift his head up. Her teeth pierced her bottom lip as she anxiously awaited to see what his face looked like, she bet he was horribly weathered, was missing teeth, and had chapped lips.

How wrong she was.

The breath caught in her throat as she was greeted by his gorgeous, but dirty and unshaven, face. He was a tanned fellow, and his skin unscathed by anything, smooth and pristine. Her eyes lingered on his pink, beautiful lips and she sighed longingly before suddenly snapping herself out of it, her nose wrinkling at her behavior.

"Sir? Are you alright?" She called in query to the man, concerned for him even though she was very anxious for herself. This man didn't sound good, and he looked sickly and in need of a bath. "Sir?" Evelyn called again, moving her hand from his chin so she could brush the hair out of his eyes.

There was another quiet groan and his eyelids rose a little, revealing shocking golden iris'. Then something wrapped around her wrist and she looked down, seeing his large, rough hand gripping tightly onto her.

Evelyn tugged at her arm but he only tightened his grip and gave a raspy mutter of pain and discontent. "...Please..." He whispered out, gasping at her pleadingly, trying hard to keep his eyes open.

She stared at him, her eyes a mixture of fear and confusion.

What the hell did he want her to do?

What could she do?

Her conscience finally decided to make an appearance and she sighed, displeased with the way her guilt and compassion seemed to rule over her completely.

"Sir?" Evelyn spoke softly, her arm relaxing in his grasp. "You're going to have to stand up and walk with me." She explained and started to stand up, but before she straightened out completely the mans other hand rose and grabbed onto her shoulder.

She watched him nod slowly and get up, hissing in pain all the while.

He seemed to be tired, ill, and aching.

Evelyn helped him too lean again her, his arm over her shoulders and her arm wrapped around his waist. He was heavy, but he was helping her by walking slowly, his feet dragging along the ground. He looked so exhausted, his head hanging and his shoulders hunched as if a heavy weight were upon them.

"I should take you to the hospital." She spoke, looking at him still, concern and anxiety clear on her face.

"No... No hospital..." Was his muttered response, his voice hoarse still.

Evelyn nearly went to argue with him but stopped herself, thinking it over for a moment or two before she nodded her head slightly.

And after a couple moments of harsh deliberation she finally decided that she would take him home, she wouldn't get into any trouble for it either. She was an only child, and her mother had left her and her father way back when Evelyn was just born. Her dad was working up in the North West Territories, he was some big oil rig manager-type man, he made a shitload of money, which meant that he didn't have time to come home.

This left Evelyn living alone, her father paying the house bills and sending money to her via bank account so she could survive by herself.

The girl sighed at these thoughts, she grew lonely at times, even though her dad and her were still in the same country, they still seemed so far apart. Sometimes she just wished that her dad would come down again and find a mediocre job on the island. It wasn't like British Columbia was completely lacking in jobs she was sure that somewhere, someone was looking for a man with her fathers working experience.

She looked down at her side as the man grazed his hand slowly along it, almost as if he were trying to comfort her. Evelyn almost laughed, as if the man would be able to tell that she was sad, especially in his state, she bet he barely realized what was going on. Shaking her head to herself she continued on, pushing away her depressing thoughts.

They got to her house and she reached into her pocket with her free hand, unlocking the door and walking in carefully with the man. She kicked the door closed behind her and helped him into the living room, sitting his body down on the couch before she quickly went about turning on the lights, removing her coat and shoes and then going into the kitchen.

Evelyn walked out holding a cold glass of water and a couple of aspirin, she crouched down next to the couch, peering at the worn-out, dirty man in front of her.

"Hey, i've got some water and medicine here for you... Can you take it yourself?" Evelyn asked, holding the items out to him. His eyes opened, glazed over but looking almost happy, one of his hands slowly rose, taking the pills first and putting them in his mouth, then taking the glass of water. He tilted his head back and drained the object of its liquid contents and then sighed in, his initial thirst quenched.

Evelyn gingerly removed the glass from his hand and set it on the coffee table before standing straight again.

She watched him for a second and then started to remove his clothes, he didn't object, just relaxed beneath her gentle touch. Evelyn grimaced at the smell of sweat and dirt that his shirt and coat emitted. She left his pants on but removed his shoes and socks, she was going to do his laundry for him.

The man yawned and looked at her tiredly. "Would you rather sleep on the couch or in a bed?" Evelyn asked and the man looked at her for a while before standing up, his arms immediately entangling about her slim, curvaceous form. The girl cleared her throat and took him upstairs and into her bedroom, leading him to the bed and moving the covers out of the way for him. He laid down and she pulled the blankets over his body.

"Uhm... Good night, if you need anything... Uh..." Evelyn trailed, staring into his eyes, feeling a little dazed being in his presence. She blushed as he smiled at her a little. "Er, sorry, if you need anything i'll just be in the room across the hall." She squeaked before quickly leaving, shutting the bedroom door behind her and rushing into her dads bedroom.

She closed the door her and walked slowly over to the bed, taking a seat on the edge and staring blankly at the white door. Evelyn's cheeks turned pink and she covered her mouth with her hands, her heart fluttering behind her chest. She'd never felt like this before, flustered and dazed just because of a mans looks. The girl groaned as she realized she hadn't brought any pajamas with her from her room.

Evelyn slowly stood and pulled off all of her clothes except for her little black boy shorts. She rifled through her fathers dresser and pulled out one of his extra large t-shirts, slipping it over her head. The girl checked herself in the mirror, she was practically swimming in the damn thing. She smiled and smelt the shirt, sighing at the familiar and comforting scent of her father.

After standing there for a while she finally turned out the lights and walked over to the bed, crawling under the covers and thinking over her situation. It had seemed like an alright idea in the beginning, but now that she actually had the homeless man in her house and sleeping in her bedroom she was starting to worry and regret her decisions.

Fuck... This was not going to end well.


Evelyn rolled onto her side, taking in a deep breath and murmuring, her sleep having been disturbed by something. She didn't bother to open her eyes, instead just stretching her legs and arms out, allowing herself to be comfortable.

She was alright until her hand touched something and the bed moved a little, giving a creak from the other weight that was on it.

She was sitting up in a flash, her hand stretching out and turning on the beside lamp, her eyes wide with extreme fright.

Sitting calmly on the opposite side of the bed was the man, his hair in front of his eyes. Evelyn relaxed, remembering that she'd told him to come in if he needed her. She felt a draft on her legs and looked down, remembering that she was indeed, not wearing any pants. And at the moment her legs just so happened to be spread out in an odd way, causing her fathers old shirt to ride up and reveal her panties.

Blushing she tugged the shirt down over her crotch before dragging the blanket over her legs, hiding. "Do you need something?" Evelyn asked, her gaze averted, far to embarassed to look at him directly.

"You're beautiful when you sleep." His voice was husky, the rasp having disappeared, it seemed that he was doing better.

She looked at him, smiling hesitantly, not sure if she'd heard him entirely correctly. "Pardon me?"

The man crawled further onto the bed, on his hands in knees, the muscles in his arms and back clearly rippling with power. "Your face is so peaceful, I can see it even through dark, I bet it would feel like silk if I touched it... I know it must, your hands were wonderful." He continued on, smiling at her, showing pearly white teeth and a set of dangerous looking canines. "You should sleep with the blinds open, the moon is so good for you." He added as an afterthought, moving even closer as the words left his lips.

Evelyn's eyes were slowly beginning to widen, her lean back pressing firmly into the wall behind her. "That's very nice of you to say, but i'm really not that pretty." She assured him and watched as he just shook his head in response, not believing her.

"My name is Sterling, what's yours?" He asked, finally stopping in front of her, very close, one of his hands planting itself on the wall at her side, his arm brushing the fabric of the shirt she wore.

She swallowed hard, staring into his liquid gold eyes. "Evelyn." She croaked as an answered, barely able to get the word out as she gazed at him.

Sterling smiled brilliantly, looking ecstatic. "Evelyn? Beautiful... So beautiful... Eve." He whispered, bringing his free hand up and brushing her long, midnight black tresses out of her face, his rough fingers grazing her cheek.

Evelyn took in a sharp breath, her lips parting. "What are you doing?" She asked, pressing her hands to his naked chest, wanting to push him away even though he was just so damn intoxicating.

He smiled wolfishly at her and leaned forward, his lips a hairs-breath away from touching hers. "What would you like me to do?" Sterling whispered seductively, his arms slipping around her slim waist and pulling her closer.

"Go have a shower!" She suddenly cried out and shoved him away from her, jumping off of the bed and walking hurriedly over to the bedroom door. "You're very dirty and you're sick, you don't want to get worse, do you? No? Alright. Come on." Evelyn said, her back to him, walking out of the room and down the hall brusquely.

Sterling sprang off the bed and ran after her like a loving puppy, right on her heels, his arms moving around her again. He pulled her body back into his chest and hugged her happily, his hands slipping beneath her shirt, starting to lift it off of her.

"Sterling!" She screeched and smacked his hands away, prying herself from his groping hands and turning to face him, her face red and her eyes teary. "What the hell are you doing?! We don't even know each other!" Evelyn breathed hard, holding herself, backing far away from him.

He looked hurt all of the sudden, visibly guilty. Sterling looked down, away from her, "I'm sorry I just... I wanted you to come in there with me, I want to be close to you." He explained, combing a hand back through his messy hair and gazing at her, completely honest.

Evelyn chewed on her bottom lip, slowly nodding. "I'm not going in there with you, and please don't touch me like that you... Just... Please don't." She told him as firmly as possibly and received a nod in response. "Now go into the bathroom and have a shower." She said, pointing at the bathroom door.

The man looked at her for a while, he seemed caught between listening to her or approaching and grabbing her. Finally he sighed and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind himself.

As soon as he was out of her sight she turned tail and ran down the hall and downstairs, flinging herself into the kitchen and slamming the door closed behind her. She breathed hard, leaning back against the kitchen counter.

What was she going to do now? It was obvious this man was not of sound mind, of body.. Oh god... Did he have one hell of a body.

She shook her head and pinched herself, squeaking in pain. She had to keep herself in check, she couldn't just ignore how crazy this guy was. Sterling seemed like such a child, totally as if he had no idea how to act around other people.

Evelyn slid down to the floor, pulling her knees to her chest. She could hear the shower running upstairs. At least he was listening to her... For the most part. The girl rested her chin on her knees, taking in a deep breath.

That wasn't normal... What was that smell... It definitely wasn't her dads scent.

She grabbed her shirt and inhaled deeply.

"Oh wow..." Evelyn trailed off, inhaling even more, the smell on her shirt was amazing, something extremely male and hot, exquisite. It was like a fucking drug, cocaine or heroin, something that was equally addictive as both of those.

Sadly it was most likely from Sterling, the deranged man that seemed like he really wanted to hump her.

But fuck.

She was actually attracted to this odd man... A man that acted as if he were still some horned-up highschool boy.

She stood up quickly, reaching for the phone that sat on the kitchen counter and beginning to dial 911. Evelyn stopped right before her finger could press the second 'one' and swallowed, hesitating. Sterling seemed so innocent, not crazy, if he were crazy or a criminal he probably would have been arrested already, especially if he'd been lying out in the streets. He also really stood out, especially since he was so damn tall, one of the tallest men she'd ever met, standing at a height of what she guessed was probably around 6'6.

Evelyn continued to stand and stare at the phone dazedly for a long while, completely unaware that she was being silently approached from behind.

"These stupid things hurt my ears." A male voice spoke as dripping wet, strong arms wrapped themselves around her, grabbing the telephone and turning it off before setting it on a nearby counter. The arms then pulled back and encircled Evelyn from behind. A very damp body pulled her in, soaking the back of her shirt and enveloping her in a whirlwind of that amazing scent.

She grabbed onto his arms, tugging at him, snapping herself out of her desire-filled stupor and realizing what was going on. The woman looked up, blinking in query as she heard the shower still going upstairs, "You left the shower running?"

Her question was apparently ignored because Sterling didn't respond. He just leaned over her shoulder and looked down at her, his drenched hair dripping. "When I stand like this I can see your breasts perfectly... Your nipples are hard, are you excited?" Sterling asked, sounding both innocent and naughty at the same time.

Come to think of it, yes, she was excited. And supposedly Sterling was to because she could feel something big, hard, and hot pressing into her lower back.

Evelyn choked on her own spit and tried to pull away from him, only instead accidentally grinding herself right back again his swollen member. She heard the man moan and felt a mouth against her neck, sucking and licking at the skin there affectionately.

"W-why did you l-leave the shower?" She stuttered out, pulling her neck from his mouth and turning her upper body a little to look up at him.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you, I missed you." Sterling answered softly, leaning his face closer, trying to plant a kiss on her lips. He was blocked by a soft hand pressing carefully against his face. The man grunted in distaste and moved his face away, looking like a hit puppy.

She stared at him for a second or two and then pulled herself from his arms, Sterling not putting up a fight. Evelyn walked past him and out of the kitchen, listening to the mans footsteps as he followed obediently behind her.

They got upstairs and then in the bathroom and the girl stopped and pointed at the shower. "Get in, i'm not getting in with you though, i'll just stand here." Evelyn explained pointedly, trying hard not to look down and ogle at Sterlings prominent lower region.

Sterling actually let out a whine of annoyance and walked back over to the shower, getting in but keeping the shower door wide open. He stared blatantly at Evelyn as he washed his body, covering it with soap. His hand slipped down lower past his belly button and started to fondle the appendage between his muscular legs.

Evelyn gawked at him and then quickly went to pull the curtain closed. The man had other plans though and instead reached out and grasped onto her arm, dragging her in and under the spray. "STERLING!" She screamed in dismay and he laughed, closing the curtain finally and ripping off the teens shirt, his hands quickly going to her underwear to pry those off of her too.

What he wasn't counting on was for Evelyn to slap him in the face and punch him in the stomach. Sterling coughed and watched as Evelyn left, humiliated, frightened, and angry. The man frowned to himself and stood under the water, gazing at the place where Evelyn had just previously been. He knew he'd gone to far now, but all he wanted to do was touch her... Was that so bad? So what if they'd only just met? He had feelings for this girl, was he supposed to hide them just because they weren't acquainted more thoroughly. No, that was not how Sterling was, he wasn't going to hide anything from Evelyn.

He puffed out his chest and combed his hair back out of his eyes, beginning to wash himself and think about the young woman that he now longed for.

As this was happening Evelyn was having a breakdown, lying in her bedroom, the door locked, crying her eyes out, completely ashamed. She sobbed for a minute or two and then wiped her eyes, sniffling. It was nonsense to cry, it wasn't going to help her. Nothing was going to help her, she couldn't even gather the will to phone the police on this damn man.

She laid on her stomach, face pressed hard into her pillow.

She had to do something.

Standing from her bed she removed her clothing, throwing them into the dirty clothes hamper.

The girl pulled on blue, boot cut jeans, a tank top with a long sleeved shirt over it and a coat just in case. Evelyn looped a belt through her jeans and made sure it was tightly on, she wasn't going to take any chances around this man.

Evelyn looked at herself in the mirror, brushing her hair slowly, looking like a nervous rabbit. She felt like this was not the way she should have been acting in a situation like this, wouldn't other girls have phoned the police, ran away, or gave in by this time? The teen sighed, knowing that she must have seemed like a dumb ass for getting herself into this predicament. Really though she couldn't help herself, Sterling had immediately attracted her right from when she had heard him groaning outside.

He had a wonderful voice.

He smelt divine.

His body was powerful and manly.

He had eyes of liquid gold.

And god he was... He was....


The most beautiful creature that she'd ever laid eyes on.

The sound of the water turning off snapped her out of her thoughts and she opened up her dresser drawer and pulled out a switchblade knife that her dad had got her. Suddenly she was grateful that her dad treated her like a boy most of the time.

Evelyn slipped the knife into her back pocket and walked over to the bedroom door, unlocking it and pulling it open.

Sterling was already standing outside the door, naked and dripping all over the floor. His proud cock was standing at attention but Evelyn forced herself not to look. She instead stared into his eyes. "Sterling... Tell me... Do you act like this to everyone that you just meet?" She spoke these words as she slipped past him, making her way down the hall and toward the bathroom.

He followed after her without a second thought, smiling warmly. "No, never, you're the first." Sterling answered as he tried to grab her but missed as Evelyn jumped out of his reach.

The girl grabbed a towel from the closet in the bathroom and turned, quickly pulling it around Sterlings waist and making sure it stayed there securely. "Then explain, please?" She moved backward and looked up at him, arms crossed over her stomach.

His eyes followed her as he shut the bathroom door behind him, effectively locking them in. Sterling grinned, leaning back against the door. "It's simple. I adore you, Eve."


"I love you."


"But what?" Sterling asked, "But we've just met? How can that possibly matter? I love you."

Evelyn gaped at him.

This was like some shitty story on the internet or something.

"Well there's got to be a reason for it! You can't just be in love with me without a reason!" She was breathing heavily, choking on the air, on the verge of a meltdown.

He laughed and nodded his head, he'd tell her, he didn't want the woman he admired to start crying again from frustration. "You were generous enough to take me in off the street and help me when I was unwell, even when you knew nothing of me. You're body is delicious and you smell mouth-watering... And besides, my soul is yearning for you, it knows that you're supposed to be mine." Sterling explained and pushed from the door, advancing toward her, the towel starting to slip from his hips.

That was it. She couldn't take it anymore. She ran right past him and out of the bathroom, darting back to her bedroom and making a move to slam the door shut. The female cried out in horror as the door was stopped by one strong arm and it was pushed forcefully open.

Evelyn turned tail and ran to her closet, prying the door open, slipping inside, and then slamming it shut behind her.

Of course this wouldn't protect her, it was a closet for gods sakes, not some magical barrier.

Her tears poured down her cheeks as she watched Sterlings shadow move past the door.

Surprisingly he didn't open it up, instead opting to kneel outside of it, pressing his hand against the door. "Eve? Don't be scared of me, I won't hurt you, I swear, I love you." He whispered, his words so irritatingly truthful.

This man wasn't lying. Even a fool could tell that much.

Evelyn closed her eyes, what had she been expecting in bringing him home anyways? For him to sleep all night, feel better in the morning and leave? Ha, right. Her judgment had been clouded by her generosity and fucked up attraction for him... And his smell, that godly, intoxicating, heat-inducing smell.

She vaguely wondered if this was actually physically happening. Perhaps she was dreaming? No, she didn't usually have such vivid dreams... Everything really was happening immensely quickly, especially for her. She didn't even know what the hell was going on.

Well, that was until she was torn from her thoughts once again, this time by the sound of Sterling vomiting outside the closet door.

Evelyn's eyes widened and she opened the door only to find Sterling on his hands and knees, puking on her floor.

Her eyes softened, her tears stopping and her fears being pushed aside. She crawled over to him and knelt at his side. She took his hair into her hands, pulling it out of his face and holding it back with one of her hands. Her free hand gently rubbed his back, shoulders and neck, massaging it to relax him while he emptied his stomach.

"You should lie down." She murmured and looked at her clock, her jaw nearly dropped. It was only one o'clock in the morning, what the hell time had Sterling woken her up at anyways? She looked down at herself, she was dressed in day clothin. It was still night.

He stopped throwing up and wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, panting heavily. Slowly his eyes moved over to her, he looked guilty but his eyes were also filled with affection and love. "See? You came out of the closet to help me, even though you're frightened and angry." Sterling pointed out, huffing a little.

Evelyn blushed. "Go and brush your teeth, there's a spare toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. After that go lay back down and get yourself some more sleep." She told him, shooing him away as she stood up.

Sterling growled in dismay, stood and left the room, shoulders hunched.

Evelyn followed behind him just to grab some cleaning supplies so she could clean her bedroom carpet of the mans throw-up.

She kneeled on the floor once she got back in her room and started to scrub it with hot water and soap. Evelyn sighed, ignoring the sour smell it was giving off. She took this time to think everything over again.

Alright, here's what she'd do.

She'd keep him there for the rest of the night, then when he woke up again she'd send him out.

Evelyn smiled proudly and looked up as Sterling came walking into the room, his scent wafting over and covering the stench of the puke.

He looked at her, frowning to himself a little as he walked over to her bed and got in. He watched her until she was finished and when she stood up he sat up.

"Will you let me hold you?" Sterling asked, holding out his arms like a big child, literally pouting at her, almost whimpering. Evelyn stared at him and frowned, shaking her head and going over to her dresser, she grabbed out pajamas and then left the room.

Only to return not but five minutes later, looking frustrated and upset.

It would have been stupid to stay away from him, she had a feeling that if she went to sleep in her fathers room again that she'd wake up and Sterling would be there, watching her again. She didn't want to bother going through that, and it seemed that if she just laid there there with him it would keep him satisfied for a while.

She turned the light to the bedroom off, made her way over to her bed and got in, immediately Sterlings arms wrapped around her, pulling her to his chest tightly and keeping her there.

Evelyn closed her eyes, not bothering to pull herself away, in the end she'd just be back in his arms. She felt her body slowly being turned around so that they were facing and her eyes only clenched more tightly closed. She felt breath on her forehead, and then her cheek and she turned her face away.

"Stop it."

"No, let me do what I want."

"I said no already!" Evelyn snapped before her mouth was covered by a warm set of lips. She melted against him, her eyes opening, she gasped when she saw him staring at her, his eyes glowing. A tongue intruded into her mouth and she quickly pushed him away and went to slap him but was stopped, her wrist grabbed gently.

Sterling sighed and pressed his face into the crook of her neck. "Must you be so difficult, Eve? Don't you enjoy me?" He whispered into her ear, trying his best to seduce her.

Sadly, his attempts were actually starting to work.

Evelyn shuddered and tried to move away from him but instead she was just pulled closer. She heard another sigh and then Sterling relaxed against her, letting go of her wrist, just holding her to him.

She stayed awake until she was certain that he was asleep, and then she finally relaxed herself, closing her eyes and leaning into his warm body.


In the morning Evelyn was awoke by the feeling of a hot, wet object moving repeatedly along her neck and then her face. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Sterlings tongue and that he was licking her.

Pulling away she fell out of the bed, hit the floor, groaned just a bit and then hopped up, wiping off her face and her neck.

Sterling sat up, the blankets falling from him, showing that he was naked.

"Holy shit... Did... You go to sleep like that?" Evelyn asked, her face slowly turning pink as she received a nod. How the hell hadn't she noticed that he'd gone to bed in the nude the night before?

Swallowing she turned her back. "Well... Get dressed." She winced, she hadn't washed his clothes. "Actually, wait here." The girl muttered, leaving the room.

She returned with an armful of her fathers clothes and laid them on the bed. "Now, put these on and then I want you to leave." Evelyn said as firmly as possible before she rushed out of the run, slamming the door shut behind her.


Sterling finally walked downstairs, he saw Evelyn near the door and perked up, rushing down the stairs and over to where she was. He stopped just in front of her, a smile on his perfect lips. "When can I come back?" He asked her naively, reaching out to grasp onto her shoulders.

"You won't be coming back." Evelyn answered firmly, staring into his suddenly hurt eyes. She kept her face straight, trying to keep the guilt from affecting her and the blush from her cheeks.

He pulled her closer, not allowing her to tug away. "Why can't I?"

She swallowed. "Because. You're better now, you've got fresh clothes, there's nothing more that I can do to help you, so leave, and if you come around here again i'll phone the police on you. Understand?"

The man stared at her, his expression moving from hurt, to comprehension, and then finally to acceptance. He suddenly swooped down and planted his mouth on hers, giving her a firm, passion-filled kiss.

Her mouth opened in surprise and his tongue snaked in. Evelyn grabbed onto the mans forearms, melting against him as he gave her an extremely thorough and tell-all kiss.

After what felt like a millenia he broke away and released her, putting on his shoes and leaving the house, shutting the door hard behind him.

Evelyn watched him, trying to catch her breath. Her eyes started watering to her extreme distaste and she wiped them dry, shaking her head. She had nothing to cry about, she was finally free of the crazy man that had sworn that he loved her.

She cleared her throat and slowly left to go and grab some perfume from her room. She definitely wouldn't be able to forget Sterling if his divine scent was lingering everywhere.

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