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Eve walked out of the school, moving with the swarm of students that had burst out around her. She'd been going day by day in a slow lethargic haze. But she was trying to keep optimistic about life, though it was tough with how the world seemed to be throwing down on her for the last while.

A tingle ran down her spine and she lifted her head, looking around until her eyes landed on a lone figure standing next to the fence that surrounded the school.

She nearly smiled at the sight but kept her face stoic, heading over toward the man that she hadn't seen for a little over two weeks.

As she neared him she let his name pass her lips, "Sterling."

He smiled warmly at her, looking excited as she continued to approach him. "Hey beautiful." Sterling greeted in return and stepped toward her. He pulled her into his embrace and pressed his nose to her hair, his eyes closing and a smile on his lips.

The girl slowly lifted her arms and hugged him in return, laying her cheek on his shoulder and leaning into him. She wouldn't admit it but she'd missed his touch, but she wasn't sure if this was her own feeling or if was from there being mated.

"What are you doing here?" Eve asked as she pulled away, her eyes staring at him patiently. She tried to ignore the looks that they were receiving from some of the students. Of course they would stare; there was a handsome tall man on the grounds hugging a young woman.

If she hadn't happened to be the young woman in question, then she'd have been staring too.

Sterling grinned wolfishly, eyes sparkling with adoration. "I wanted to surprise you, and I think I did." He chuckled and grabbed onto one of her hands, clasping it gently and smiling down at her. "I thought I'd walk you home and then we could maybe do something together."

Eve let her brows furrow in question. How odd it was for him to say something like that. Very selfless in fact, he was putting her above him, and he wanted to do something with her.

It was sort of like he was asking her out on a date.

Suddenly her cheeks reddened and she nodded a little, "Alright. I guess we could go do something."

The mans smile nearly faltered but instead he forced his smile to brighten.

"Eve?" A voice called softly from the side, grabbing the girl's attention.

She turned her head and spotted a friend of hers named Kasey. Kasey was slender, short, and had choppy red-streaked brown hair. At the moment she had a knowing smile on her face as she looked between Sterling and Eve, "I didn't know that you were dating anyone, Eve."

Eve blushed and looked away, fidgeting around a little. "Well, we just started to date and... And you know I didn't wanna make a big deal out of anything." She lied a little uneasily and almost jumped when Sterling tossed his arm around her.

He was grinning at Kasey in a friendly manner and that helped to put Eve at ease.

"Hey, I'm Sterling." He introduced himself and extended one of his large hands out toward the petite girl.

Kasey blushed and grabbed his hand, shaking it, "I'm Kasey, it's nice to meet you and- Oh shit there's my bus! Sorry I gotta run." She swore and started to rush past them, as she moved past Eve she paused. "Nice catch." She whispered and winked before jogging off to catch her bus.

A laugh burst from Sterling and he shook his head, he'd heard exactly what Kasey had said and boy was it nice to be complimented once in a while.

He wasn't going to get a compliment from Eve after all.

Eve rolled her eyes and pulled away from him, "Let's get out of here Sterling." She quickly began walking away; she didn't want to hang around the school any longer.

"How have you been Eve?" Sterling asked, following behind her faithfully.

She glanced at him over her shoulder and then looked ahead once more, "I've been alright I guess, just relaxing."

"I missed you."

Eve paused, thinking for a moment and then giving a curt nod. She said nothing in response; inwardly of course she had missed him as well.

The wolf sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets, "You're far to cold."

She scoffed at this comment and shook her head doubtfully. "I just want to get away from the school and make it home before we start talking about anything." Eve explained simply and sent him a glare, earning herself a glare right in return. She had a feeling if they started to discuss anything that there would be a fight.

And she 'really' didn't want to start arguing with him outdoors.

"Fine." Sterling spat, pouting like a little child. He certainly hadn't missed this aspect of Eve's personality.

She frowned deeply, trying to ignore his presence, even though he was following her so close behind.

On a few occasions during the walk he stepped on her heels, the first couple of times she ignored it, but after the third she turned and glared him down, watching as he back up some paces and gave her room.

That was enough to make him take a few steps back, but he gave her a disapproving frown.

"Thank you." She huffed, turning her back to him once more and continuing to her home, they made it there without any further disruptions.

As soon as the door swung open the phone began to ring and Eve blinked in surprise, this was an odd time to get a phone call, unless it was from...

Her eyes widened and a smile broke out on her face, she dropped her bag and ran into the house, grabbing the telephone and throwing herself onto the nearest couch.

"Hello?" She greeted eagerly, her heart racing in her chest.

"Hi sweetie."

Eve had to bite her lip to keep the happy noises from leaving her mouth, she let out a calming breath, "Hey Dad, how are you? We haven't spoken in such a long time."

Sterling walked in as she said this and he smiled, setting her bag down and taking a seat next to her on the couch. Surprisingly he gave her some room; he obviously didn't want to make her angry while she was speaking to her father.

Her father seemed to sigh almost regretfully into the telephone but she didn't really notice it, she was to happy, "Yeah I know we haven't, and it makes it even harder for me to say this."

That got her attention, her heart sank in her chest and her smile disappeared. "What's wrong, Dad?" She asked, swallowing the lump in her throat that was beginning to grow.

Maybe she was overreacting; he couldn't have anything to horrible to say to her, could he?

"I'm not coming home this Christmas, works been pushed back a lot, we've been having trouble with some of the pumps and I just can't afford to come down there I'm sorry."

Her heart instantly broke and the tears started flowing seamlessly.

Sterling was watching her, his face void of emotion as he listened to their conversation with his acute hearing.

Eve laughed miserably, "Oh? Is that your excuse?"

"Excuse this isn't an excuse Evelyn, I really-" He began but Eve let out a low groan, her head sinking down toward her knees.

"You liar… You fucking liar! How could you treat me like this?! I'm your daughter, why don't you love me?" She sobbed into the phone, life was really far too much for her to handle. "Y-you think I don't know about her yet but I do! I fucking do, a-and I hate you for it."

The other line stayed silent but she knew that he was still there listening.

Now was the time to say what she really wanted to say to him.

"I-i know everything, you're disgusting, I hate her and I hate you. I don't ever want to h-hear your voice again, I never want to see your face, you aren't my dad anymore." She spoke falteringly, tears dripping from her eyes, onto her pants and onto the hardwood floor.

"Evelyn..." His voice cracked but she shook her head.

"Go fuck yourself!" She screamed and flung the phone out of her hand and at the wall, it broke apart on impact but she didn't notice, she was to busy sobbing hysterically into her hands.

Sterling grabbed onto her shoulders, dragging her onto his lap and into his strong arms.

Eve wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her face pressing into his shirt, she didn't care about who he was right now, all she cared about was getting some form of comfort, and Sterling was really the only one that could give it to her.

"D-don't, please don't hurt me, please, please." She begged softly and Sterling embraced her tightly, cradling her body in his arms and pressing his forehead into her neck gently.

"Never." He promised. "I love you."

She cried even harder at this and held onto him for dear life, he was all she had, he was all she was going to ever have. There was nothing aside from him in her life now, she had no family and her friends were already beginning to give up on her.

Sterling was everything.

"Stop crying." He muttered, pulling back to look at her teary face. "He doesn't deserve your tears."

She wiped her eyes, sniffled and stared up at him bleakly, searching for comfort and sympathy.

Eve nearly broke down crying again when she actually 'saw' it, but she choked it back and pulled away, standing up from the couch and wiping at her eyes again. She waved Sterling away when he stood up and tried to come in close and hold her, she didn't want to continue on with her blubbering, he had been right.

Her father really didn't deserve her tears.

"You want to go out still?" She asked, trying to keep the anger and sadness out of her voice.

Sterling shook his head, "No, we don't have to, we could do it some other time, I know that you're upse-"

"-I want to go out." Eve interrupted simply and he went quiet for a moment, then nodded. "I'm going to go upstairs and change, I'll be down in a couple of minutes."

He nodded simply but stayed standing, watching as she left and went upstairs. As soon as she was out of sight he sighed and began to pace around the living room, rubbing his face and scratching at his neck. He was agitated, not with her of course, but with her father.

If the man had been anyone else he would've found him and killed him, just so that his women wouldn't have to deal with such foolishness.

But he was her father, and so Sterling could do nothing.

The man turned and went up the stairs, he didn't want to wait down there, it was too lonely, and he'd been missing her so much.

Sterling walked into her room to find her sitting on her bed, brushing her hair in a new outfit with her face completely free of tears.

Eve looked at him and forced herself to smile, Sterling just grinned.

"You look so pretty." He complimented genuinely and flopped down on her bed, laying on his stomach and smiling childishly.

It was time for him to do his duties as her mate and make her as happy as possible.

"What would you like to do today?"

Eve set down her hairbrush and lay back on her bed, her stomach near Sterling's head, "I'm not sure, I just don't want to be in the house... We haven't really got many options though, do we?" She hummed thoughtfully, trying to figure out something to do.

He pulled himself up the bed just enough so that he could rest his head down on her stomach and take in her scent, he bit back a grin when he felt her start to play with his hair. "You know, I think we should go on a hike, what do you think?" Sterling suggested, he liked to walk, and he could feel that Eve had quite a lot of energy festering inside of her.

She hummed and then nodded to herself, "Alright."

Sterling sucked in a breath and pushed himself up off of the bed enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear when he saw that Eve didn't look as sad anymore.

He offered her his hand, eyeing her invitingly.

Eve slowly sat up, looking from his hand to his face and back again, hesitantly she raised her hand and set it in his, a feeling of warmth and comfort began to sprout within her.

Maybe this would be fun.


Oh how wrong she was.

They had gotten to the woods and Sterling had quickly decided that the trail was no good and lead Eve off the path and into the mess of trees, bush, and general wilderness.

They'd trudged through, Sterling as eager as ever while Eve struggled to keep up with him. He was far more used to these sorts of treks than she was and he was so excited to be out there with her that he wanted to run around everywhere.

Now they were hiking up the side of a mossy hill and he was moving up it at top speed, his breathing as regular as ever. He reached the top and looked down at Eve, blinking at how haggard her appearance was and how heavily she was breathing.

Eve groaned as she got to the top and leaned over, hands on her thighs and she sucked in air. Compared to Sterling she felt out of shape. "Oh god... Oh... Just a minute." She huffed and closed her eyes, trying as hard as she could to catch her breath.

He chuckled, "It's alright, this is where I wanted to take you."

She lifted her head up and stared in amazement at the scene before her, they had reached an area with a large pool of water and a small waterfall leaking into it. Eve blushed, she hadn't been able to hear the sound of the water thrashing away over the sound of her own breathing.

"This is beautiful, Sterling." She commented as she straightened up and walked over to the pools edge, kneeling down and touching the cool water.

Sterling walked over next to her and she looked up at him, her eyes beginning to narrow as she saw him pull his shirt off over his head.

Her blush from earlier that had just begun to creep away came back with a vengeance as she got sight of his strong upper body.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Her voice tinged with suspicion.

He looked at her as he unzipped his pants, a big innocent smile on his face, "Going for a swim of course, care to join me?"

"No, I think I'm fine." Eve shook her head and quickly looked away, to shy to watch him remove the rest of his clothes. Sure, she'd seen him naked and he'd seen her naked but she still had a sense of modesty.

The man shrugged and got into the water, dunking his head under the water and then sprouting back up happily and swimming around.

She sat down and watched him swim, a small smile on her lips, Sterling wasn't being a selfish asshole for once. He hadn't even forced her to get into the water with him, nor had he complained at all about her just sitting there. It was really a change from how he'd acted when they'd first met.

She would enjoy his attitude while it lasted... And perhaps she'd join him in his fun.

"Ouch!" Sterling cried out, a frown on his face as he peered into the water to look at what had bitten him. "There's crayfish in here!" He commented excitedly and then rushed under the water, apparently to go and hunt down some crayfish.

Eve debated with herself for a couple of moments and then pulled off her jacket, t-shirt, shoes and pants, leaving herself only in her bra and panties.

She set one foot into the water, shivered, and then got in, gasping for air from the initial shock of the cold.

Right then Sterling popped up from the water with a crayfish in his hands and hair glued to his face, "Look Eve I caught one." He pushed his hair out of his face and wiped the water from his eyes before he spotted her.

His jaw dropped, along with the crayfish, which gratefully floated back down to the bottom of the pool.

"Eve, you got in." He stated, sounding as if he were about to swoon.

She nodded and continued to shiver, still getting used to the water. "It looked nice in here." She explained dryly and Sterling grinned, swimming over to her and pulling her into a warm embrace.

She wondered how his body could be so hot even after swimming in cold water.

"I really do love you." Sterling sighed and kissed her cheek before he fell back into the water, his arms still around her. She had just enough time to give a screech of surprise before they went below the surface.

They didn't stay down there long, he burst up with her after a moment, him with a big grin while she sputtered angrily, pushing her hair out of her face so that she could give him an intense glare.

"Are you trying to drown me?" She questioned and pushed at his chest gently, seeing if he would let her go but it seemed he was in a cuddly mood.

He chuckled and shook his head, "No of course not, I'd never do such a thing, as I said before-"

"I love you." She interrupted blandly, finishing his sentence for him.

"Yeah, and I hope someday you'll love me too." Sterling smiled and rested his forehead against hers, pulling her a little closer.

Eve searched his eyes and smiled a little, this was one of the best times she'd ever had with Sterling, if they had met under vary different circumstances, but had known each other just as long, she was sure by this point that she would've fallen in love with him and his very childish behaviour.

"If you can give me a reason to."

"Don't worry, I will." Sterling responded, very sure of himself, and as if in an act to seal this promise he kissed her gently, their lips melding perfectly as he tried to let his feeling of love break through her cold shell.

He had a lot of work ahead of him.

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