Huffing and puffing, a dark figure darted though the midnight streets of the fishing town, fleeing from some unseen predator. If we were to catch a good look at him we would see that his clothes looked about a hundred years out of fashion. A dark suit with a high-collared cloak and a tall top hat. The combination of the hat and collar shrouded most of his face, leaving only a large, brown nose sticking out, like the cow guard on a train. The man ran harder and faster until he finally stopped where the road forked on two to make way for a small, unassuming toy store.

He looked around for his pursuers and, appeared satisfied that they were not around. Then, he did something unexpected; grabbing the lapels of his coat he pulled them away from his chest and, surprisingly, the whole outfit, from hat to shoes came off still looking like the ghost of a man was still filling them. Even the large nose hung daintily between the hat and collar. The man underneath was revealed to look just as normal as can be. A somewhat short person with a young, slightly unshaven face, aged a little with specks of gray hair and the wrinkles of one who worries. The clothes he wore now seemed, in contrast to the suit in his hands, very up-to-date, a simple button-up shirt and blue jeans.

The man set the suit he just took off on its feet and, oddly enough, it stood. He then pointed off towards the mountains that could be seen from there. The hat and nose of the suit-creature nodded and took off running in that direction. The man turned to face the door of the toy store. For a moment he looked hopeful and grabbed the door handle. After a few pulls, and even a push or two, it was clear the door was locked. Walking over to the widow he stuck his finger in his mouth and then, with the spittle collected, drew a square on the glass. After putting his hand in the middle of the square the wet square began to glow and the window disappeared. He jumped in just before the glowing ended and the glass returned. Now safely in the building he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out something wrapped hastily in brown paper.

"You are way too much trouble." He said to the thing as strode over to a bin a stuffed animals, "Let's just hide you until things cool down a bit." He picked a floppy, stuffed rabbit out of the bin and laid it the edge with it's back facing up. He drew a line on the rabbit's back with his finger and, like a precision knife, it cut a hole large enough for the thing. After placing the paper covered item among the bunny's stuffing, he placed his finger at the bottom of the slit and, moving it as we would a zipper, he closed up the hole with out a single trace that it had ever been damaged.

He flipped it around so he could look the doll in the face, "Alright, I just need a way to find you again. Now, what should I use?" He looked around the store, checking behind the shelves, under the checkout desk, until finally, in a dusty corner he found what he was looking for. A little spider, crawling up the wall. Quickly reaching into his pocket he pulled out a jar that looked like it held some ointment one's grandmother would use. After twisting off the lid he gently grabbed the spider off the wall and dropped it in the jar. For a moment it seemed that nothing happened but then a shrill, excited, voice leapt from the jar.

"Ohhhh! What am I this time? I feel so cool and… spindly!" The spider climbed up to the rim of the jar and looked up at the man, "Ahmal! How are you? Why's it so dark? What year is it? Am I a bug? Can-"

"Raphael! Calm down," Ahmal said, then he started to answer the spider's questions. "In order: I've seen better days, because it's midnight, it's about thee hundred years since you last asked me that and you are actually a spider."

"Oh, okay." Raphael said, apparently satisfied.

"Raphael, I need you to keep an eye on something for me."

"Don't worry Ahmal, I won't let your what-ever-it-is out of my sight!" the spider bounced happily up and down around the lip of the jar.

"Good, good. This is it." Ahmal held the doll up so Raphael could see it. "It has a very powerful, very dangerous talisman hidden in it, and I need to hide it from those who would use it wrongly. But I need to lead them off the trail a bit first. I used a decoy earlier to throw them off a bit but I sense that they're about to catch it." Ahmal looked at the rabbit and grimaced. "Keep an eye on this Raphael."

"You can count on me, boss! I'll keep five eyes on it if I have to!"

"Excellent." Ahmal brought the jar close to the doll so Raphael could jump on. After the spider was safely on the doll Ahmal placed the two carefully back in the bin.

"I'll be back in a week or two, Raphael. I'll see you then. That is, if nothing goes wrong." Ahmal's face relaxed into it's normal worried position.

"Don't worry Ahmal, Everything is going to be all right."

Looking a little reassured the man walked back to the window he came in through and repeated the process of drawing the square and leaping through. It was only a mater of moments before he disappeared into the shadows again.

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