Jessica VanBrown sat comfortably in her favorite big squishy chair reading a book. She had already read that book a few times, but as an elementary school teacher she didn't have much else to do other than read in the summer. Her cat, Mr. Fluffy-Buns, sat curled up in her lap, purring softly. All-in-all it was life as usual for Jessica, until, of course, the doorbell rang.

"Don't worry Mr. Fluffy-Buns, I'll get it." She pulled herself out of the chair as the cat waddled from her lap to the warm seat cushion. Stopping only to smile at herself in the hall mirror, Jessica rushed to the door as the doorbell rang again.

"Coming!" She swung the door open and saw two men who looked like exact mirror replicas of each other. They both wore solid black business suits and while the one on the right had a small, gold, skull-shaped lapel pin on his left lapel the other had a matching pin on his right lapel. They both wore fedoras and sunglasses (Which Jessica thought was odd as it was 9:30 at night.) They also both had strong, square jaws and a no-nonsense look about them.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jessica said, "I really appreciate what you do and admire you guys but I'm not interested in changing religions."

The two men silently looked at each other, then the one on the left spoke in a dead-pan and somewhat monotone voice. "We're not Mormons ma'am."

The one on the right spoke up, speaking in the exact same voice as the other. "He's actually a Protestant." He nodded his head to the other man.

"And he's a Roman Catholic." The first one said quickly

"But that's a different story."

"A long story."

"A complicated story"

"But that's not important."

"We're here to offer you a position."

Jessica shook her head, the two spoke so fast and bounced back and forth so quickly it made her dizzy. "Um, would you . . . like to come in?"

"Yes, ma'am, yes we would." She stepped aside to let the two men step inside and started leading back to the room she was in before the doorbell rang. They all took a seat; Jessica moved Mr. Fluffy-Buns back on her lap and sat back in her chair while the two men sat down on the couch. "Sooo," Jessica began, "Who did you say you were again?"

"We didn't say ma'am." Said one.

"But now we will." Said the other.

"I'm Jack Johnson." Said the one on the right.

"And I'm Jake Johnson." Said the one on the left.

"And we represent a group for the education of certain 'special case' children. "

"Special case?" Jessica asked.

"Special case." Jack responded.

"Special as in strange." Jake added.

"Really strange."

"Sponsored by the U.S. government."

"Uncle Sam's footing the bill."

"Lady Liberty's signing the checks."

"Mr. Washington's got the cash-bag."

"The bald eagle is buying the bread."

The two Johnsons looked at each other and nodded, then continued.

"The old teacher-"

"The one you'll be replacing."

"Decided to quit early."

"And these kids need a new teacher."

"That would be you."

"We can offer you five times your current salary."

"And pay for your house."

"Free dental."

"And medical."

"And cat grooming-"

"For free."

"Pro Bono."

"No charge."

"On the house."

"Easy Free-sy."

They looked at each other and nodded again.

"So Miss VanBrown, What do you say?"

Jessica was getting a headache trying to follow these two. "Wait; let me make sure I've got this. You want me to teach a special group of kids in a government school that pays five times what I get?"

"You are correct ma'am." Jack said.

"Right on the money." Jake added.

"Bull's-eye." Jack said.

Jessica automatically looked at Jake who didn't say anything but simply tapped the side of his nose with his finger.

Jessica thought about it for a while. If these kids really needed her she wanted to help. And the pay was just a bonus. "All right, I'll take the job. When do I start?"

"Tomorrow." Jack said.

"Tomorrow?" Jessica asked, "But it's the middle of summer!"

"These kids go to school year-round." Jake answered.

Jack pulled a folded up piece of paper out of his coat "We expect you at this address by 11:30 A.M." He handed the paper to Jessica.

"Normally class begins at eight."

"We need time to bring the students here."

Not wanting them to explain why they were bringing the students to her, Jessica kept silent on that subject and move on to another. "I'll have to call and tell Principal Barloff about this."

"We'll take care of all that for you." Jack said as he nodded to Jake who pulled out a cell-phone and dialed a number.

"This is Blackhawk one and two," Jake said to whoever he called. "The baby's in the cradle repeat; Mama Bird is in the nest, Begin watering the plants." He then abruptly hung up and put the phone away. Then the two men stood up.

"It looks like our work here is done." Jack said to Jake.

"Mission accomplished." Jake replied.

"Good night Gracie."

"That's all she wrote."

"O-kay!" Jessica chimed in before they could go any further. "Well, it looks like I've got a big day tomorrow so I'll just let you out and go get some rest, Okay? Okay." She nearly shoved them out the door and watched as they calmly a coolly walked to their sleek-black car. As they drove off she closed the door, wondering what she had just gotten into.