The Bumper

The first time she met Garret, it had been after the car accident. Despite the fact that she had ripped off his back bumper, he had been polite and kept a level head about him as he made the appropriate calls. Hanna was uncomfortable sitting there, not knowing if she had hurt him or not, yet when she asked, he would give a tolerant nod without making eye contact.

That had been nearly two months ago.

Now, the helpful young man is her closest and most trusting friend. However, it isn't lost on Hanna that his touch has grown more tender and his hugs more of a caress than a friendly embrace. His comforting touch always made her heart flutter within her chest, but now she realizes that it means more than just pleasant jitters.

It is an early May morning, a Saturday, and the two are walking in the park; a tradition that has been kept alive for the past two months. Hanna, though, still worries. Garret has been less sociable since he had picked her up, and now isn't consoling her fears as he normally would. It makes Hanna anxious, having her twirl her thumbs as they walk next to each other. Then suddenly, he stops, staring at an intersection that still remains vividly in Hanna's mind: the location of the accident.

"Does this place look familiar?" He asks, breaking the silence.

"Of course it is," Hanna grumbles, rolling her eyes. She does not want to be where she is. She squirms uncomfortably. "Why would you bring me here?" He does not oblige her with a response. Slowly this time, he turns to stare at her fully in the eyes. A compassionate look fills his chestnut orbs just as his hands trace the lines in her palm, sending soothing electrical jolts through her arm. "Garret, you're scaring me."

"Trust me, that wasn't my intention." He sighs once more before giving her a vibrant smile. "But this is." With such swiftness it shocks her, Garret pulls Hanna in for a kiss that only lasts a moment. The taste lingers on her lips: a feeling she relishes. "How's that for asking someone out?" Hanna chuckles with a shrug, her eyes just as bright as his.

"At least you didn't take out my bumper." He chuckles and resumes the kiss.