Long ago you told me
that you could keep me from moving
if you pressed your thumb between my eyes.
How strange, I realize it's true
without even touching.

Your icicles pinned me at the ankles
till I'm too frozen to breathe.
You even steal the air,
but to escape this prison
I have to find the key.

I've been looking for a place to belong,
searching for a home to call my own.
I'm not even sure I'll find it,
but if I do I will never leave.
I'll find a way to spend eternity.

You've always called me frivolous;
maybe I'm just made that way.
Could it be I detest the sting
of nothing changing day after day?
I want to walk the tree lined streets again...

You make me want to slip these bonds,
shed this worn out skin away.
Freedom will come from your inertia;
Hope is the best gift I possess,
And the ability to hold on.